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Why Emergency Drinking Water Storage Tanks are a Must-Have?

1000 gallon drinking water tank is to be installed and maintained easily. We make one water inlet on the top of water tank which is fill water through inlet fitting, and make one water outlet valve beside of the potable water bladder tank which can get drinking water when we make ball-valve is ON situation.

2023 05-29
Collapsible Rain Barrel VS.Rigid Rain Barrel-Which is Right for You?

Water on the Earth's surface evaporates and rises when it cools, forming rainwater. Rainwater is the most important freshwater resource in our life. The collected rainwater can irrigate the plants in the garden, wash the car and refresh the pets.

2023 05-15
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What is a Pillow Fuel Bladder and How Does it Work?

Flexible bladder fuel tanks are manufactured by wide double-sided highly tensile polyester through a particular craftwork adhesive conglutinated pillow-shaped storage container.

2023 05-25
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The Benefits of Using a Flexible Pillow Fuel Bladder for Your Fuel Storage Needs

Fuel storage need one container or tank store it,as a traditional idea,most of people choose stainless steel tank or oil tank wagon because it is oil resistance and can’t rust at all.But the cost is higher because of the cost of stainless steel tank or oil tank wagon.

2023 05-22
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What are the different types of flexible water storage tanks?

There are several different types of water storage tanks available,they can be made of various materials, including plastic, fiberglass, and concrete, so we can find plastic tanks,steel tanks,fiberglass tanks,concrete tanks and flexible water storage bladders.

2023 05-12
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How to Maintain Your Rainwater Storage Tank for Optimal Performance?

Rainwater is a relatively clean and absolutely free source of water. The collection of rainwater is known by many names throughout the world. It ranges from rainwater catchment to rainwater harvesting to rainwater collection. In addition,terms such as roof water collection or rooftop water collection is also used in other countries.

2023 05-10
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How to Choose the Right Foldable Drinking Water Tank for Your Needs?

RAINBOW manufactures many different shape potable drinking water storage tanks with various color of materials since 2006.Yes,we are professional and leader in flexible engineering fields because we have served massive customers who come from more than 100 countries all over the world.

2023 05-08
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Internal rainwater tank and rain gutter

Rainwater tanks or drums can be used inside houses to provide thermal mass to trombe walls (or water walls). The Rainwater Hog modular tank, invented by Sally Dominguez for installation in building structures, is used on the foyer walls of the future floors of Modabode House and the Department of Su

2023 04-28
Rainwater tank.jpg
Briefing of Rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks (sometimes called rain barrels in North America, referring to smaller tanks, or buckets in the UK) are tanks used to collect and store rainwater runoff, usually through pipes, off the roof. A rainwater tank is a device that collects and holds rainwater. A rainwater catchment or colle

2023 04-25
Camping types and its Equipment

TypesDifferent types of camping may be named for their mode of transportation, such as canoe camping, car camping, motorhomes, and backpacking, including ultralight backpacking.Camping has also been labeled as a lifestyle: Glamping (glamorous camping), which combines camping with the luxury and amen

2023 04-20