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The Benefits of Using a Flexible Pillow Fuel Bladder for Your Fuel Storage Needs

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Fuel storage need one container or tank store it, as a traditional idea, most of people choose stainless steel tank or oil tank wagon because it is oil resistance and can’t rust at all. But the cost is higher because of the cost of stainless steel tank or oil tank wagon. Once fixed it on any place,they can not be moved.

As we known many projects or construction sites are located in a remote area.It is necessary to need fuel replenishment to ensure their normal work.So we need find another collapsible fuel bladder to carry and assemble at any place where you need.  

Unlike other fixed fuel tank and oil tanker truck,Flexible Pillow Fuel Bladder is one of new type fuel storage container. Collapsible tanks are specially designed for temporary storage fuel,oil, water,chemical and other liquids.The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester.Frame work material is terylene fabric coated with special polyurethane on both sides.

Above ground diesel fuel storage tanks are designed to provide to Chinese Army because they are manufactured according to Chinese military standard,and they are used as storage bladder pillow of diesel,gasoline,jet fuels, JP 8, Avgas and more.

Flexible fuel pillow tanks represent the best logistical solution for storing hydrocarbons.Their modest volume when “emptied and folded” is only equal to about 1% of their nominal storage capacity meaning that they can be transported simply and rapidly,no matter where they are to be installed.

The strength of these tanks coupled with the rapidity of their installation (less than 4h for a 300 m3 tank) means that they have become the preferred fuel storage system for organizations working in remote areas.

We can share its material structure diagram.And we can see there are 7 layers for the material of collapsible fuel site fuel tanks supplier -Keystar

1.Anti-corrosion,anti-wear,anti-ozone and anti-UV layer

2.Polyurethane material

3.Reinforcement layer(polyurethane material)

4.Mesh layer(tension and tear)

5.Polyurethane material

6.Reinforcement layer(polyurethane material)

7.Anti-corrosion layer

What’s Features Of Flexible Pillow Fuel Bladder?

1.Light in weight,assemble and carry easily.

2.Minimum packing size,transportation and storage handily.

3.No contamination for fuel,which may guarantee the quality of the fuel.

4.High strength of the coated fabric, the adhesion up to 80lb/in.

5.High strength of the seams because of the high frequency melt and sealed with the same polyurethane as the tank body, so the tanks have excellent ability against air leakage and its very safety for fuel storage, the tank can be 10% over filled of its rated capacity.

6.Suitable for normal use at ambient temperature ranging from -41℃ to +85℃.

7.Good aging resistance ability, which ensures long storage and service life.

8.Provided with cam-lock type fitting. Accessories include: hoses, valves, ground cloths, repair kits, many other items can be supplied as needed.

What’s Kinds Of Fuel Can Be Stored With Flexible Pillow Fuel Bladder?

These bladder type fuel tank can be used to establish both primary or secondary fuel depots. They provide continuity in the petrol supply chain by facilitating a range of operations:

1.The storage of jet fuel for refueling aircraft or other vehicles.

2.Supplying mining vehicles with fuel.

3.Providing power plants with diesel.

4.Supplying fuel for base-camp generators.

5.The storage other liquid as following:

General Chemicals,Lubricating Oils,Additives,Transformer Oil,Plasticizers,synthetic Reins,Detergent,Silicates,Emulsions,Salt Solutions,Natural Latex,Synthetic Latex,Glycerin,Printing Inks,Base Oil,Glycols,Polyols,White Oil,Herbicide,Fertilizers,Coconut Oil and Rust Inhibitors.

What’s the Benefits of Using a Flexible Pillow Fuel Bladder?

1.Moveable and foldable

2.Installed rapidly

3.Highly durable

4.Compatible with all types of hydrocarbons

5.Moved easily


7.No external contamination

8.Highly resistant to climatic conditions

9.High UV resistance

10.Folded volume = 1% of storage volume

RAINBOW flexible diesel fuel tanks are installed quickly and easily and assume the shape of the space in which they are placed.They can be installed in places normally difficult to reach,and can be used as a primary or secondary fuel source.They are also resistant to pressures developed if the vessel is pitching and rolling.

RAINBOW flexible outboard fuel tanks are portable and can be rolled up and stored when empty,they have a remarkable improvement over the traditional painted metal fuel tanks.These tanks can never leave rust rings on the floorboards or cockpit sole.

RAINBOW commercial fuel storage tanks are used in a variety of industries such as military, disaster relief, exploration, mining, marine fuel bladders,emergency response, and racing fuel cells. Additionally, our bladder storage tank can be customized to meet just about any of your needs whether that’s a bigger or smaller, extra or custom fittings we build each of our bladders with the customer in mind.

RAINBOW tank is also an ideal and low cost solution for the sport and commercial fishermen heading into offshore waters and cruisers visiting remote ports.


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