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Why Emergency Drinking Water Storage Tanks are a Must-Have?

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Water is the source of life. The earliest life in the world was born in water. Water accounts for 70% of human tissue, 90% is in blood, 85% in brain tissue, 75% in muscle, and 75% in bone. 50%, while the water in the newborn's body can be as high as 80%-90%. Food cannot be digested, nutrients cannot be transported without water, waste cannot be excreted, body temperature cannot be adjusted,and the first metabolism of the human body will be disrupted.water storage tanks for drinking for sale -Keystar

Reported from some article about the physiological function of water in the body

*Replace the original water in the body every 5-13 days

*Maintain cell metabolism

* regulate body temperature

* Excretion of body waste

* transport nutrients

* Plays a lubricating role

Human life cannot be separated from water for a moment,and water is the most important material that human life needs.From the perspective of water chemistry, water is composed of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. In the human body, water molecules combine to form water molecular clusters, and water can also combine with many substances in the body through hydrogen bonds, so that water has many physiological functions. First of all, from the perspective of human body composition, water is the most important substance in the human body. It has been determined that the water content of an adult accounts for 65% of the body weight, while that of a two-month-old baby is 91%.The water content of different organs of the human body varies greatly.For example,the water content of human eyeballs is 99%, blood 85%, muscles 76%, and bones 22%.

There are many physiological functions for the human body, and all chemical reactions in the body are carried out in medium water.Nutrients cannot be absorbed without water;oxygen cannot be transported to the required parts; nutrients and hormones cannot reach its effect parts; waste cannot be eliminated,metabolism will stop,and people will die.Therefore,water is the most important substance for human life.

The daily water intake and output of the human body fluctuates greatly due to the influence of climate, labor and living habits, etc., but the dynamic balance of water in the human body must be maintained, otherwise it will cause diseases. Now medical science has determined the daily water intake and output of adults about 2200 ml of water enters the human body through drinking water and food for adults every day, about 300 ml of water produced by oxidation of sugar, fat and protein, and the total daily water volume in the human body is about 2500 ml. The amount of water excreted by a person every day is: kidney urination 1500 ml, skin evaporation 500 ml, lung respiration 400 ml, feces excretion 100 ml, a total of about 2500 ml.

As one of the new type of portable drinking water containers,flexible large drinking water storage containers are manufactured with food grade thermoplastic polyurethane material,the size and capacities from 50 liter to 1000,000 liter,And many shape can be custom made,such as pillow shape,rectangular shape,onion shape and other irregular shape.The features of water storage tanks for drinking is light in weight and volume,fold-able and stack-able when it is empty.Carry and set up any place and space,and you can make it dry and clear when you finish one project,and store it in packing carton,reuse again when you need it next time.

The emergency drinking water storage tanks are a must-have for several reasons

1.Ensures access to clean drinking water during emergencies

During a natural disaster or a crisis situation,such as earthquake, tsunami and mudslide happened, there might be a disruption of the regular drinking water supply. In such situations,drinking water tanks can ensure that you have access to clean drinking water that is safe for consumption.1500 gallon potable water tank supplier -Keystar

2.Install plastic drinking water storage tanks handily

1000 gallon drinking water tank is to be installed and maintained easily. We make one water inlet on the top of water tank which is fill water through inlet fitting, and make one water outlet valve beside of the potable water bladder tank which can get drinking water when we make ball-valve is ON situation. Flexible drinking water storage tanks can be situated in a basement, garage, or anywhere with ample space.

3.Prevents contamination

Portable drinking water tanks are best water tank for drinking water,these kind of tanks are designed to prevent contamination and keep the water clean and safe to drink.The drinking water containers are closed space that can prevent impurities and bacteria from the clear drinking water.

4.Provides Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have access to safe tank for drinking water during a crisis can provide peace of mind and eliminate the stress and anxiety that come with unexpected emergencies.In summary, emergency drinking water storage tanks are essential for ensuring access to clean drinking water during crisis situations, saving money, preventing contamination, and providing peace of mind.

RAINBOW design and manufacture water tank for drinking water storage for refugees Somali, the tenders were from UN and RAINBOW make portable drinking water tanks. This is a humanitarian aid and we are grateful for it. If you like flexible drinking water bladder or you need them, you can call us at +86-29-88369398 or send e-mail to inquiry more information about tanks.

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