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How to Choose the Right Foldable Drinking Water Tank for Your Needs?

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RAINBOW manufactures many different shape potable drinking water storage tanks with various color of materials since 2006. Yes, we are professional and leader in flexible engineering fields because we have served massive customers who come from more than 100 countries all over the world. And we have a good reputation among the customers.

As one type of flexible water tanks, water tanks for drinking water storage is produced with food grade polyurethane material, also named as Thermoplastic Polyurethane Material, referred to as TPU material,which have SGS certificate from US FDA approval.potable drinking water storage tanks -Keystar

RAINBOW can manufacture many dissimilar shape large potable water storage tanks

1.Pillow shape,flexible,light and form-fitting,this tank looks like “envelope” when we layflat the empty tank on the ground or workbench,but it is more like a PILLOW when we fill water fully with tank.

2.Rectangular shape,the filled water tank looks like one mattress after we fill water into empty tank.there has a story from some customers who often think rectangular shape water tank can store more water than pillow shape tank,maybe who get the result from the appearance of both.

3.Onion shape,you can’t confirm its shape when the hollow tank is foldable,but fill water into tank fully,it can stand up by itself and like one onion or pumpkin,so we name this drinking water tank in pumpkin shape.

4.Other shapes,we can custom made many grotesque shape drinking water tank to meet the needs from customers.

We would like to introduce temporary potable water storage tanks for you now.

1.Whats is flexible drinking water tanks?

Maybe we can see many tanks in web-page and local market,some is made with metal,like iron and stainless steel,some is made with wooden,and others make with rigid plastic tank.There are traditional tanks and exist in our life for more than 200 years.

The people get accustomed to use this rigid tanks in their life because they can find them in local market and no other high-level tanks enter their eyes and life.

Like these rigid tanks,heavy, not to move handily, occupy more space.

RAINBOW temporary potable water storage tanks are different from above rigid tanks,which are made with flexible food grade material based on high-frequency current welding or hot air welding.The plastic potable water storage tanks are flexible,collapsible,foldable,stackable because its material is flexible,collapsible,foldable and stackable. Can you get the meaning from our description?

Portable drinking water containers features

The portable drinking water containers are manufactured with flexible food grade material, so it has some features different from the rigid tanks, we can show some characteristics as below.

1.They are flexible,light and form-fitting.

2.High resistance flexible water tanks.

3.Foldable and stackable when it’s empty.

4.Any color and size on optional.

5.Light in weight and save storage space.

5.A reliable,practical and low cost solution to the storage of fresh water on board.

Some advantages of water storage tanks for drinking water

1.Multiple styles and fabric options

2.Foldable and rolling when it’s empty

3.Fitting and drain options

4.Lowered shipping and transportation costs

5.Short-term and long-term life spans

Whats applications of the emergency drinking water storage tanks?

1. The place that drinking water storage.

2.The place need transport drinking water using trucks.

3.Storage drinking water for disaster victims.

4.Storage drinking water for refugees during tsunamis and earthquakes.

5.Low cost solution to the storage of fresh water on ground,on truck and board.

How to choose the right plastic drinking water storage tanks for your needs?

1.Choose shape of potable water bladder tank

You can choose pillow and rectangular shape drinking water tank if you will put tank on broad ground, lawn and sand,because the space of tank filled water will occupied is relatively large.You can choose onion shape water tank or custom made other shape tank to meet your needs if you have confined space.But for crawl spaces or cabined deck on boat,most customer will custom made drinking water tank for them,we can customize drinking water tank for them according to the drawing or sketch.water storage tanks for drinking water -Keystar

2.Where to put the best water tank for drinking water

Most people put portable drinking water tanks on ground,lawn,sand,deck of boat,or under ground.They must be a flat surface.You can choose the place that you need use drinking water tank.

3.Choose the color of storage tanks for potable water

You can choose the color what’s you like when the order quantity is large,we can purchase this color of TPU material from material factory for you.We can recommend the color of the stock material to you once you need sample or trial order with small quantity.

4.Choice of accessories of large drinking water storage containers

RAINBOW produce drinking water tank with one inlet fitting with cap,one outlet ball-valve and one air vent on each tank.

There are 1.0 inch,1.50 inch,2.0 inch,3.0 inch and 4.0 inch of one inlet fitting with cap for optional.

We also have 1.0 inch,1.50 inch,2.0 inch,3.0 inch and 4.0 inch of outlet ball-valve for optional.

Some people will connect water hose with inlet and outlet valve,so it is important that you  need confirm their sizes adapt with the sizes of water hose,we think.

Care during use water storage tanks for drinking

Avoid any contact with surfaces that are too abrasive or have cutting edges during use drinking water containers. Never exceed the product’s rated capacity.

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