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What's collapsible PVC rain barrel?

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Most of people get used to use stainless steel tank,iron tank and other rigid plastic rain water containers. Because they can find these tanks in local market or get them introduced by friends.  Unlike rigid plastic rain water containers. Collapsible water barrel is one type of rain barrel that is designed to be easily stored when not in use. These barrels are typically made from a flexible material, such as PVC or other plastics, and can be collapsed and rolled up for compact storage. When needed, the barrel can be quickly and easily unfolded and set up to collect rainwater from gutters or other sources.Collapsible rainwater tank is often used for water conservation and irrigation purposes,as they can help reduce the amount of water needed for gardening, landscaping, and other outdoor activities.connecting rain barrels with pvc price -Keystar

Plastic barrel for water storage typically has the following features


These collapsible water barrels are typically made of durable and flexible materials,such as PVC fabric, polyethylene, or other types of plastic.


They come in different 14 sizes in total,ranging from 25 liter to 1350 liter,depending on the specific needs of the user.


They are lightweight and easy to transport,making them ideal for use in various locations and for traveling.


Most cheap water barrels come with easy-to-follow instructions and require minimal setup, making them quick to assemble and use.


They can store a large amount of rainwater,which can then be used for irrigation or water conservation purposes.


Some garden water storage barrels come with additional accessories, such as a spigot for easy access to water,a filter to remove debris, and a cover to prevent contamination.


Foldable rain barrels are designed to be long-lasting and resistant to weathering,so they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and UV exposure.

Instructions of downspout splitter rain barrel

1.Get the automatically rainwater without any power or energy.

2.Folding design and save storage space in maximum.

3.Energy-saving,environmental protection,convenient.

4.Long lifetime design and automatic filter impurities in the rain water.

Connecting rain barrels together is used for collecting rainwater,which is connected with down comer from the wall of house to store rainwater.It can be widely used in garden irrigation,car washing,dirt cleaning and other related usage with characteristics of energy saving,environmental protection,easy to use and so on;It can be used from minus 35 degrees to 80 degrees because of adopting long-lived waterproof PVC synthetic materials.Therefore it saves the cost of usage and maintenance for user,and the design of easy collapse.Provides the user great convenience of usage of usage and storage.

Please read the instructions before using the product,it will tell you the methods of correct operation and installation.

Fitting instruction of downspout rain barrel

1.Firstly,take the water bag out of the packing box,unfold it.

Then take out the outlet accessories,screw out the obturating ring and the fixed screw cap from the tap of the outlet accessories,put the main part of the outlet accessories through the installing hole of water bag.Then screw up with the fixed screw cap and obturating ring from the inner side of water can check the details which is the sequence of installed outlet accessories.

2.Secondly,take out the overflow accessories from the packing box,then screw out the fixed screw cap from the tap of the overflow accessories,put the main part of the overflow accessories through the installing hole of water barrels for storage,then screw up them with the fixed screw cap from the inner side of cool rain can check the details which is the sequence of installed overflow accessories.

3.Thirdly,take out the supporting bar accessories from the packing box.Then insert the 5pcs supporting bar into the 5 corresponding holes of the water tank.You can use it after installationplastic storage barrels for sale -Keystar

Operation instruction of homemade rain barrel

1.After the installing of the product,which would be used directly according to the situation.The infall with textilene filtration net on the top can filter the impurities in the water efficiently, which can reduce the difficulties of the clearance in the inner side of water tank.

2.After undrawing the zipper on the top,it will be possible to open the whole top part of the water,which could be more convenient for us to store rainwater and fetch water,and the overflow part on the top can overflow the redundant water automatically when the water is full enough.

3.The outlet connector with valve can be connected with variety kinds of garden tools to expand the range of the usage better.


1.When using easy rain barrel,please install it according to the instruction and avoid collision bucket surface by sharp objects.

2.In order to improve barrel quality,we may have to change some partial structure and appearance of the barrel without inform of you,hope to get your understanding.

3.In order to ensure the lifetime of the giant rain barrel,please clean it after using each time.

4.Please collapse and install the green rain barrel by instructions in order to avoid damage.

5.Please use brush or other similar cleaning tools to clean collapsible rain barrel.

Overall,a folding rain barrel is a convenient and sustainable solution for collecting and storing rainwater,while also reducing water consumption and promoting eco-friendly.


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