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What are the different types of flexible water storage tanks?

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There are several different types of water storage tanks available,they can be made of various materials, including plastic, fiberglass, and concrete, so we can find plastic tanks,steel tanks,fiberglass tanks,concrete tanks and flexible water storage bladders.

So many kinds of commercial water storage tanks that the people buy them in market and use them in life,they are all water storage container although their shape and materials are different from each other. Now we can introduce them water tanks manufacturer -Keystar

1.Rigid plastic tanks

These are the most common type of water storage tanks and are made from polyethylene or other plastic materials. They are durable and in huge volume,but heavy, takes up more space,not to move easily.

2.Steel tanks

Steel tanks are often used for commercial and industrial applications as they are strong and can withstand high pressure.It is also heavy and occupy space. However,they are prone to rust and corrosion over time.

3.Fiberglass tanks

Fiberglass tanks are strong and durable,making them suitable for underground storage.Can’t foldable and not save space.They are also resistant to rust and corrosion.

4.Concrete tanks

Concrete tanks are very durable and can last for several decades. They are often used for large-scale water storage applications, such as in municipal water systems.Once built on ground,they can’t move at all.


Cisterns are large and used on ground or underground tanks that are used to collect and store rainwater or other sources of water.They are often made of concrete or other durable materials.

6.Flexible water storage bladders

These foldable water tanks are made of a flexible PVC or food grade TPU material that expands and contracts as water is pumped in and out. They are ideal for temporary water storage and can be easily transported.Their important features are light in weight,foldable and stackable when it is empty. They are lightweight, durable, and install easily.

Since 2006,RAINBOW always manufacture flexible water tanks with many different shapes and colors and export to customers from worldwide.We have good reputation among customers.

What are the different types of flexible water storage tanks?

Collapsible tanks for storage water is also known as collapsible water tanks, are a type of storage tank that is made from a flexible and durable material, such as reinforced PVC or polyurethane.These tanks are designed to be easily transported, stored and set up.So many features make them ideal for emergency water storage or temporary water storage in remote areas. There are several types of portable water storage bladder available,we can tell you one by one.

1.Pillow bladder tanks

These are the most common type of flexible water storage tanks. They are designed to be lightweight and transport handily, and can be quickly set up and filled with water.Pillow tanks looks like an “envelope” when it is empty,and looks like a plump pillow after filled water fully.Pillow tanks water storage are available in a range of sizes, from small tanks that hold a few hundred gallons to large drinking water storage tanks that hold thousands of gallons water.

2.Portable water barrel

Flexible barrels are smaller, portable tanks that are designed to be easily transported. The volume arrange from 50 liter to 1350 liter in 13 sizes.some customer also custom made 25liter and 60liter from us. They are often used for rain collection from we known the rain water is a viable technology in an urban setting.It is necessary to take advantage of this resource which we capture the free water falling on your roof into rain water collection barrel directly.Harvesting rainwater can be supply your whole house to wash car and pet,irrigate your garden when it is fire fighting storage tank -Keystar

3.Onion tanks

RAINBOW can produce PVC onion water tanks in 2 kinds,one is top open style,the other is sealed onion water bladder.They are similar to pillow tanks, but have a unique shape that allows them to hold their shape even when they are empty. They are often used for temporary water storage at construction sites or for emergency water storage and fire protection in forest.Onion shape water bladder is named as self-supporting tanks because they are designed to stand on their own without the need for a frame or support structure. They are also often used for emergency water storage or in remote areas where it is difficult to transport heavy equipment.

4.Frame tanks

Frame tanks are similar to other kind of flexible plastic storage tanks, but they have a rigid frame with PVC tarpaulin liner together.Rigid frame have painted iron pipe or iron galvanized pipe.That rigid frame provides additional support.They are often used for water livestock tank for long-term water storage and are available in a range of sizes and configurations.

The people use it as rainwater harvesting tanks.These tanks are specifically designed to collect rainwater for later use. Also used as other aspects

1.Liquid fertilizer storage

2.Ammonia solution storage

3.Solution of caustic soda

4.Storm water management

5.Backup water storage for wells

6.Sprinkler system water provider

7.Water storage for fire fighting

8.Drinking water storage for livestock

RAINBOW hope get your inquiry about our products,and thanks for your interesting and let us know your needs.It’s our pleasure to serve for you once you contact with us.


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