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How to Maintain Your Rainwater Storage Tank for Optimal Performance?

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What's the rainwater storage?

Rainwater is a relatively clean and absolutely free source of water. The collection of rainwater is known by many names throughout the world. It ranges from rainwater catchment to rainwater harvesting to rainwater collection. In addition,terms such as roof water collection or rooftop water collection is also used in other countries.rainwater storage tanks for sale -Keystar

Where we can do rain water collection?

Commercial and residential buildings can all collect rainwater to use again. Using collapsible rainwater tank harvesting rainwater is a viable technology in an urban setting.It is necessary to take advantage of this resource which we capture the free water falling on your roof into rain harvest water tanks directly.Harvesting rainwater can be supply your whole house and your landscape needs.

What's large rainwater storage tanks from RAINBOW?

RAINBOW can manufacture many kinds of large rainwater tanks since 2006,and we served many customers from more than 100 countries nearly 20 year.Collapsible water bladder is made with flexible PVC tarpaulin material,because it is flexible PVC material,so flexible rainwater storage tanks can foldable and stackable when flexible water storage bladders are empty,carry handily and transport easily because it is save space and light in weight.Any end user can carry on trunk or garage.It is not rigid plastic tank,heavy and immovable while being durable.Collapsible tank assemble easily and remove handily when it is not be filled water.

Some customers like pillow shape rain water storage tanks,they buy pillow bladder tanks to collect rain water from the big building,such as hospital,government building and hotel.We get the information that some people like to choose pillow tanks water storage bladder because the bladder is conveniently hidden in the forest.Why?The pillow pvc water bladder filled water has a flat and unobtrusive on the top surface,so most people who enter forest can't find the rainwater tank under the cover of dense trees.One detail that they buy portable rain water tank as fire protection in forest.We will introduce more about portable water storage bladder used in fire fighting in next article.

Other customers like to purchase rainwater collection tanks with rectangular shape,It can store more and more rain water than other shapes,they think.It is an interesting idea.

We have some customers purchase onion rain harvesting tank to harvest rain water under the roof or forest.The onion-shaped water bag occupies a small area and can stand up by itself after being filled with water.Because of its bright colors,it will be a beautiful landscape when placed under the eaves or in the garden.

Whats the characteristics of the flexible rainwater storage tanks?

The features of PVC rainwater storage containers are based on the characteristics of the flexible PVC material.So we need notice some details when you use rainwater storage tanks.

1.Try not to rub on the ground during you carry the empty rain water bag.

2.When you choose one place to put rainwater collection tanks,try to choose sand, lawn or flat floor.

3.Do not have any sharp objects such as tree roots, iron wires or nails in the place where the water bag is placed.

We must protect the water bag well during we use PVC water bag to harvest rain water  because of the characteristics of the flexible PVC material.

How to maintain your rainwater storage tank for optimal performance?

1. Choose one flat place to put rain water harvesting storage tanks,such as lawn, ground, sand, floor or in the forest.

2. Check the space where the water bag is put,and confirm if there has sharp wires,tree roots or nails around it? Take it away once you find it.rain water harvesting storage tanks -Keystar

3.Expanding one piece of PVC tarpaulin or plastic cloth on the flat place.Its size should be slightly larger than size of the water bag by 50 cm.We generally call it the ground mat or ground sheet of the water bag.It can protect the bottom of the water bag from being punctured by sharp objects.

3.Place the empty water bag on the PVC ground sheet,and connect with water hose with inlet and outlet valve of rainwater storage tanks,the PVC water tank can collect rainwater from the roof of the building.

4.The capacity of collecting rainwater cannot exceed the rated capacity.

If the water bag is 10,000 liters,once you find that the water bag is full and form one plump pillow or the rainwater has overflowed from the water inlet,you can close the cap of inlet or remove the down spout from roof,and cannot fill extra water into water bag again.

5.If the rainy season is over and you have used up the rainwater storage in the water bag, you should drain the rainwater off the water bag,and make the water bag dry,roll up and wrap it in one plastic bag firstly,then put it back in the original carton or another storage box,keep PVC water container in good condition, and wait for another rainy season coming to use tank again.

RAINBOW are engaged in manufacturing flexible water and fuel bladder since 2006.Also custom made foldable tanks for you,so you can contact with us once you have interested in purchasing tanks,and you can let us know if you want to custom made any collapsible water tank or fuel bag with your designed sizes with drawings.

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