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Internal rainwater tank and rain gutter

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Rainwater tanks or drums can be used inside houses to provide thermal mass to trombe walls (or water walls).The Rainwater Hog modular tank, invented by Sally Dominguez for installation in building structures, is used on the foyer walls of the future floors of Modabode House and the Department of Sustainability building in Anglesea, Victoria, taking advantage of the higher value of stored rainwater to increase effective containment The thermal mass of the space.Specially designed rainwater tanks can also be embedded in or under the concrete slab of a building (chute).A house in Shank Point, Victoria, Australia uses internal rainwater tanks to cool the living room during the summer.In winter, the tanks are drained and wrapped in insulating jackets.The tank also provides structural support for the roof and excess water is used for domestic use, including drinking.

Rain Gutter:Rainwater tank-

Rain gutters, eave gutters, eave gutters or surface water collection gutters are an integral part of a building's drainage system.It is necessary to prevent water from dripping or running off a roof in an uncontrolled manner for several reasons: to prevent it from damaging walls, to wet persons standing underneath or entering the building, and to direct water Proper disposal site will damage foundations of buildings.In the case of flat roofs, water removal is essential to prevent water ingress and prevent overweight.Water from pitched roofs flows down into valley gutters, parapet gutters, or eave gutters.Eaves gutters also known as eaves gutters (especially in Canada), in New Zealand spouts, Rhone Valley (Scotland),eaves jets (Ireland) eaves channels, drippers, gutters, rainwater or simply drainage ditch.The word gutter is derived from the Latin gutta (noun), meaning "a drop of water".The earliest forms of gutters consisted of lined wooden or stone channels.Lead was a popular lining and is still used today in sloped valley drains.Many materials have been used to make gutters: cast iron, asbestos cement,UPVC (PVCu), cast and extruded aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, copper, zinc and bamboo.

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