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Onion water tank

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Onion Water Tank

The onion water tank is a kind of foldable soft water storage container, which is environment-friendly, also known as a soft water tank or a folding water tank. It is suitable for storing water while go out for a camping or other situation without fixed water storage facilities.

onion water tank

Nowadays, the world’s potable water supply is gradually becoming more and more necessary. The onion water tank can be used for firefighting and emergency response and relief. It is very popular with firefighting efforts. It can also be used for irrigation, rural or military water storage. Our Onion Tank is the ideal solution for the storage of drinking water on remote sites away from other potable water sources.

We offer a wide range of collapsible onion tanks, onion water tank and other soft water tanks, water bladders for more than 12 years. Our water tanks are very popular overseas. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about our products.  Email:

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