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Extinguish fire by flexible fire fighting water tank

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The trends of a warming climate and well documented cyclical drought conditions that are predicted to continue to impact many areas in whole world,severe drought also cause fire happening here and where,especially in forest,what we should do and how to do fire prevention?

Flexible pvc onion water tank can also mainly used in forest fire prevention.the most important factor is how to get the water supplied as soon as possible to minimize the loss of property when fire breaks, the fire engines can get there in time to put out the fire when a city building fires,But what should we do if the fire place is located in a remote mountain area or forest?

fire fighting water tank for forest

Foldable emergency pvc water storage tanks can provide effective assistance in this area. We can put the collapsible water tank in the water shortage spot of exposed site of forest, and the fire vehicle or plane can arrive here quickly and capture water and extinguish a fire once the fire is near the place, This type of firefighting is called active firefighting.compared with the traditional passive fire fighting mode, this method organize manpower and material resources on the spot to send water and fire to the fire area.

forest fire fighting onion water bladder

fire fighting onion shape water tank

The characteristics of the flexible onion water container:

1.Tanks are especially applicable to hills, mountains and other areas.It is not affected by seasons and can be used all year around.

2.The storage bladder can be folded and the save space when the water bladder is not used.

3.portable water tanks have also good sealing performance and corrosion resistance, anti rot, antifreeze, anti-oxidation, anti ultraviolet hardening material, from erosion of sea water,chemicals,oil,acid and water creatures,no pollution,no damage to the environment.

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