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The benefit of onion water tank in forest fires

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Forest fires are the most dangerous enemy of the forest and the most terrible disaster in forestry. It will bring the most harmful and devastating consequences to forests. Forest fires not only burn forests and damage forest animals, but also reduce the renewing capacity of forests, causing the soil to become barren and destroying the role of forests in conserving water sources, and even lead to ecological imbalances.

Forest fire-fighting water storage container are mainly used for holding water and play an important role in storing water sources storage.They are currently ideal fire-extinguishing tools, onion-shaped water tanks made of PVC polyester composite materials,professional high-frequency equipment and advanced can be used not because of seasonal changes when it is used. Tanks can be folded and stored when not in use, greatly reducing the amount of space occupied. It has good sealing performance and corrosion resistance which can save water for a long time.

Forest fires are hazardous and difficult to extinguish because there is no water source. However, it is especially important to immediately extinguish fires when self-standing onion water tank are placed in forests and store water to prepare for firefighting.

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