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Flexible onion pvc water tank is used in combating forest fires

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Now we can introduce another usage for onion water tank,some customers choose onion water bladder and use them as combating forest fires because collapsible water tank is portable and carriage easily,weight in less when foldable,many end users think it is suitable for use in combating forest fires and the like that is manufactured from a flaccid synthetic material or a coated fabric which is capable of being ultrasonically welded.we make water bladder from a single sheet of material that is folded back upon itself to form a bag having uniformly sized front and rear panels.

onion water tankOnion water bladder

The user put water tank in forest which is far away from water source,the user expand the tank to a fully opened position so that it can be rapidly filled to capacity.

collapsible water tankforest water tank for fire fighting

Other user choose flexible foldable pvc water tank in pillow shape with dark green color so that tank can camouflage in all kinds of trees.water tank will play a role to combating fires one fire happen in forest.

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