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Buy Discount Of Flexible PVC Fire Protection Water Storage Tank Fire Water Bladder Rectangle Shape

RAINBOW can produce flexible PVC fire protection water storage tank with rectangle shape because some customers like it because they consider it will store more fire water than pillow shape tank.Both price is same although they really have slim different.Foldable and movable easily when it’s empty.Can locate in any space and place to use.
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Fire suppression water storage tanks description

As one of the emergencies, fire tests our emergency ability even more.the sources of water is focus of fire fighting.Especially in forest and rural or remote areas,For large-volume permanent tanks,consider water storage tank bladders for long-term fire protection water storage use. All of our tanks are equipped with fittings making them easy to use with portable firefighting equipment.

Fire protection water storage tank specification

153 gal.43"L x 24"W x12"H8.82 lb.91585 gal.150"L x 71"W x35"H59.52 lb.
2132 gal.65"L x 28"W x16"H15.43 lb.101849 gal.157"L x 77"W x35"H63.93 lb.
3264 gal.79"L x 39"W x20"H17.64 lb.112113 gal.173"L x 79"W x35"H70.55 lb.
4396 gal.98"L x 39"W x24"H24.25 lb.122378 gal.185"L x 79"W x37"H74.96 lb.
5528 gal.98"L x 47"W x26"H28.66 lb.132642 gal.189"L x 87"W x37"H81.57 lb.
6793 gal.118"L x 59"W x26"H35.27 lb.143963 gal,197"L x 118"W x39"H114.64 lb.
71057 gal.122"L x 63"W x31"H44.09 lb.155283 gal.240"L x 130"W x39"H134.48 lb.
81321 gal.138"L x 71"W x31"H52.91 lb.166604 gal.315"L x 124"W x39"H163.14 lb.

Fire reserve tank other applications

1.Harvesting rainwater

2.Residential water storage

3.Drinking water for animals

4.Liquid fertilizer storage

5.Water storage for mining or industrial sites

6.Emergency water storage for hospitals,facilities and businesses

Need fire water storage tank orfire rated tanks made tieh flexible PVC material?Call our team at +86-29-8836-9398 or send one inquiry sheet to us.thanks.



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