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Bulk Of Folding Onion PVC Fire Fighting Water Bag Fire Water Bladder Pumpkin Tank

RAINBOW can make many series of flexible tanks since 2006.Folding onion PVC fire fighting water bag is one kind of flexible PVC water storage tank,so it can foldable without water,assemble and movable to indoor or outdoor.Put it beside the commercial or residential building fill water fully in tank in advance,the water can be used as fire water once fire is happened.
  • KSD-008
  • Keystar

Portable water tanks for fire fighting description

Folding onion PVC fire fighting water bag fire water bladder pumpkin tank is an excellent solution for a variety of fire protection ranging from urban settings to remote mountain villages.Range of capacity from 53 to 2642 US gallon,it can help offset infrastructure costs while maintaining fire protection capacity requirements.

Fire water storage tank requirements specification

Capacity         Dimensions(inch)

Top Dia.Bottom Dia.Height
53 gal.14"31"31"
132 gal,24"43"31"
264 gal.31"55"39"
396 gal.39"63"43"
528 gal.47"71"47"
793 gal.51"79"55"
1057 gal,51"94"57"
1321 gal.55"110"55"
2642 gal.94"142"55"

In additional of sizes from above sheet,we can also custom fire water tank with different color and sizes.We can help you get the designed fire water storage to meet your needs.

Fire water tank other usages:

1.Slurry collection

2.Grey water

3.Chemical effluents

4.Agricultural effluents

5.Wine making effluents

6.Liquid fertilizer storage

7.Ammonia solution storage

8.Solution of caustic soda storage

9.Drinking water storage for livestock

As the leading fire water storage tanks suppliers in China.Send inquiry sheet to our team or call us at +86-29-8551-8382,we can quote for you s soon as possible.



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