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Pillow Foldable PVC Fire Water Bladder Fire Protection Water Storage Tank Factory

RAINBOW foldable PVC fire water bladder is one kind of flexible water storage container,the range of capacities is from 200L to 1000,000L.Put water bladder with water fully in forest,beside the hospital or house,and the warehouse of inflammable product,so the filled water bladder can supply fire water once fire is occured.
  • KSD-007
  • Keystar

Portable fire fighting water tanks description

RAINBOW offers foldable PVC fire water bladder for indoors and outdoors installation.A firefighting water bladder is a compulsive tool/instrument at enterprises according to fire regulations.You need a steady water flow of 43,2 m3 / h,720 liter/ min, 12 liter/ sec volume during 3 hours in order to contaminate the fire quickly and effectively.The foldable water bladders are placed and filled water provides you with these requirements.

Fire water tank details

Item name:pillow foldable PVC fire water bladder fire protection water storage tank

Model No.:KSD-007

Material:PVC tarpaulin

Other shape:onion,square,triangular,rectangular and trapezoid

Combination fire and domestic water sizes and capacities

CodeCapacityDimensionsNet WeightFoldable Volume
1200L/53 gal.55"x35"4kgs/8.82 lb.0.01m3
2500L/132 gal.81"x43"6kgs/13.23 lb.0.02m3
31000L/264 gal.98"x59"9kgs/19.84 lb.0.04m3
41500L/396 gal.122"x63"11kgs/24.25 lb.0.05m3
52000L/528 gal.125"x74"14kgs/30.86 lb.0.06m3
63000L/793 gal.144"x85"16kgs/35.27 lb.0.08m3
74000L/1057 gal.154"x94"20kgs/44.09 lb.0.09m3
85000L/1321 gal.169"x102"24kgs/52.91 lb.0.10m3
96000L/1585 gal.181"x102"27kgs/59.52 lb.0.11m3
107000L/1849 gal.193"x110"32kgs/70.55 lb.0.12m3
118000L/2113 gal.209"x114"34kgs/74.96 lb.0.13m3
129000L/2378 gal.222"x116"35kgs/77.16 lb.0.14m3
1310000L/2642 gal.226"x120"37kgs/81.57 lb.0.15m3
1412000L/3170 gal.205"x154"48kgs/105.82 lb.0.19m3
1515000L/3963 gal.205"x177"52kgs/114.64 lb.0.22m3
1620000L/5283 gal.213"x205"61kgs/134.48 lb.0.26m3
1730000L/7925 gal.283"x205"81kgs/178.57 lb.0.35m3
1840000L/10567 gal.327"x256"107kgs/235.89 lb.0.46m3

Fire water tank advantages

1.Simple and fast installation

2.Absolute leak-tightness of the product

3.Most affordable storage per m3 installed

4.No risk of contamination,oxidation or evaporation of the liquid

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