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Flexible PVC Onion Fire water Bladder Fire Protection Water Tank Manufacturer In China

It looks like an onion when flexible PVC onion fire water storage bladder is filled water fully.It can stack in small volume and carry any place or space when it's empty,so many people use it in stead of rigid plastic tank and stainless steel tank.RAINBOW can custom made any sizes and shapes.
  • KSD-008
  • Keystar

Fire protection storage tanks description

RAINBOW is engaged in a solution of water storage for the permanent or temporary storage of fire water since 2006.There are not the availability of a ready water in fire-prone areas,make water storage fully beforehand will be help you fire fighting in order to protect your property once fire happened.Most customers choose onion and pillow shape water bladder as water storage for fire protection.

Fire protection tank details

Product name:flexible PVC onion shape bladder fire protection water storage tank

Model No.:KSD-008

Material:PVC tarpaulin

Range in capacity:53 to 2642 US gal.

Shape:onion,pillow,and rectangular for optional

Storage tank fire protection sizes and capacities


Top DiameterBottom DiameterHeight
53 US gal.14"31"31"
132 US gal,24"43"31"
264 US gal.31"55"39"
396 US gal.39"63"43"
528 US gal.47"71"47"
793 US gal.51"79"55"
1057 US gal,51"94"57"
1321 US gal.55"110"55"
2642 US gal.94"142"55"

Need a cheap folding onion fire fighting water bladder flexible PVC pumpkin water tank? Call at +86-29-8551-8382 to find out more about our flexible water storage solutions!



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