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What's collapsible rain water barrel?

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Our MaiJieKe company was founded in 2006,we are specialized in making and export many kinds of collapsible pillow fuel bladder,above ground frame swimming pool,jerry can for private aircraft and portable pillow rainwater bladder,it is large rainwater bladder which is suitable for big house to collect rain water.

Now MaiJieKe featured this collapsible rain barrel to showcase the importance of conserving water.

This kind of rain barrel is made by pvc tarpaulin with frame poles,rain water can is easy to store and easy to move,its design allows you to collect rain anywhere and deflate it to store for the Winter,making it the best water saving rain barrel for any space, big or small.

Available in 15 sizes to fit your needs.we can also custom made rain water bucket for you as per your size.

Please let us know if you have demand to rain barrel,send e-mail or call us anytime.


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