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How to choose and install collapsible rain barrel?

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Imagine the most environmental friendly yard: shrubs, rich flowers, a virtual oasis, no matter how hot or dry the weather. Maybe you want to wash your car every week. Maybe you have started thinking about water bills. With the rain barrel, you can collect extra water. With even the simplest rain collecting buckets, you can harvest water while protecting natural resources, making the rain barrel a sensible choice that is both economical and environmentally friendly. Here's the basics about choosing and using a new rain bucket.

Most residential rain barrels are some stylish large containers (at least 40 to 50 gallons). Drilled and equipped with simple, inexpensive accessories such as showers. This is an original concept.

Why do we use rain barrels to collect rainwater?

1. Saving your water bill. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lawn and garden water accounts for nearly 40% of household water consumption during the summer vacation. Rainwater can only be used to reduce water charges.

2. Protect natural resources. It is estimated that average homeowners in the central Atlantic can save 1,300 gallons of water during the summer.

3. Reduce soil erosion and water loss. Heavy rains build up problems in many areas due to overloads along the waterways, rainwater pipes and sewers and property floods.

collapsible rain barrel

How to choose a right rain barrel?

When it comes to choosing your rain bucket, most of it can be attributed to personal preference. Before resolving any specific rain bucket, consider your options. Rain buckets come in a variety of materials, styles, and even decorative options. You will find them in home renovation and garden supplies stores and online retailers. The local government may even offer rain buckets a cheap price as part of the local water and resource conservation program.

While looking at the rain bucket, consider the characteristics, such as the shape of the bucket, and how it will match your property. What do you want, or something cute, that will blend into the surrounding environment? What size rain bucket do you want? You can even connect a series of buckets to capture more water together.

Rain buckets can be made from several different materials. You can even build your own rain bucket:

Plastics, these are popular because they are cheap, lightweight, and come in a variety of shapes and colors, but plastic buckets have a drawback. The sun and weather deteriorate faster than plastics from other materials. They are also more likely to tip over a heavier container. Try recycling plastic buckets and choose an environmentally friendly model.

Install your rain bucket/barrel

Consider the area where you have to hold down the amount of rain bucket and ground shape at that location. The more stable the ground or the better the passage. Although you can use a hard block made of concrete blocks, a wooden platform, brick or similar material, if the ground itself is on a hillside, you must be horizontally installed before the rain bucket.

Consider your roofing material. If you are collecting rainwater from a copper roof, roof zinc flakes to inhibit algae and moss growth, similar chemicals handle any roofing material that water may contain. Never use this water in food plants. To find out what chemicals might lurk in your rain, consider having it tested.

Install the downpipe. Choose from a variety of connection options depending on your situation. Some homeowners cut the slots and make them flow into the bucket, while another steering gear is installed. The steering gear is similar to a downpipe that has a small groove. If you choose to shorten your downpipe, you will need to expand it again when you pass the winter rain bucket.

Collapsible Rain Buckets

Use your rain bucket

1. Follow some simple tips to keep your rain bucket smooth.

2, adding bleach is enough to fight algae. If the problem is bad, drain the water and wash the bucket with bleach before reuse.

3, pay attention to the water level during heavy rain.

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