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Maximizing Water Collection: A Review of the Collapsible Rain Barrel with Zipper

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What's collapsible rain barrel?100 Gallon Collapsible Rain Barrel

Collapsible rain barrel, a revolutionary solution for sustainable water conservation and gardening enthusiasts. This innovative product combines functionality, durability and Eco-friendliness to bring you a convenient and efficient way to collect and store rainwater.The collapsible water rain collector is made of high-quality lightweight materials and designed to be portable and sturdy. Its collapsible design allows for easy storage when not in use, making it perfect for those with limited space. When you need it, simply deploy and install in minutes. With ample [insert capacity] capacity, it can collect a lot of rainwater even during downpours.

The collapsible water catchment barrel is equipped with an inlet water filter that prevents debris from clogging the barrel, ensuring that the collected water is clean and ready for use. Plus, it features a convenient tap at the bottom, allowing you to easily access the collected water. Whether you need to water your plants, wash your car or clean your outdoor furniture, this rain barrel provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

One of the main advantages of rain water collection barrel is its positive impact on the environment. By harvesting rainwater, you can contribute to water conservation efforts and reduce stress on local water supplies. Plus, gardening with rainwater produces healthier plants because it doesn't contain harsh chemicals often found in tap water.

In addition to their practical benefits, rain water harvesting barrels have a sleek, modern design that blends seamlessly into any outdoor setting. Its neutral color ensures it won't take away from the beauty of your garden or patio.

Features of rain barrel

RAINBOW water barrels storage will save you time,money and energy and it’s environmentally friendly

*Our water barrel tank captures rainwater automatically without having to use any power or energy.

*The unique folding construction is designed to save maximum storage storage space.

*This water barrel saves energy,protects the environment and is easy and convenient to use and store.

Please read these instructions thoroughly before using this product.By adhering to our recommended usage guidelines,you will enjoy a hassle-free installation process and learn the correct methods of operation for optimum results.

*This water barrel sale is used for collecting rainwater.In order for the product to achieve maximum utility and to store rainwater,it must be connected to the downpipe usually located on  the side of your house.

*The uses of this raised rain barrel is provides an effective way of irrigating your garden and washing your as well as for general cleaning tasks.

*The rainwater collection drum is not only multi-functional it is energy efficient,environmentally friendly and easy and convenient to use.

*This versatile rainwater diverter for rain barrel is long-lasting and can stand up to any weather.its synthetic PVC waterproof construction allows the tank to perform in a wide-range of temperatures.

*The collapsible design is a space-saver and allows for quick and easy storage.

Diy Rainwater Collection Barrel


Follow these simple instructions for easy assembly.

*Remove the water bag from the packing box and unfold it, inspecting it carefully.

*Remove the outlet accessory and unscrew the obturating ring and the fixed screw cap from the top of the outlet accessory.See figure 1 below.

*Insert the main part of the outlet accessory through the installing hole of the water bag

*Screw down the fixed screw cap and obturating ring from the inner side of the water bag.

*Closely review instructions for the correct assembly sequence for the installed outlet accessory.

These are the final fitting instructions for proper assembly.Again please study this carefully.

*Remove the supporting bar accessory from the packing box.

*Insert the five piece-supporting bar into the five corresponding holes on the rainwater collection buckets.

*Be sure to face the plastic stepping stone in the bottom toward the earth.This stepping stone can be used after installation.

*Closely review the illustrations to help you understand the correct assembly sequence for this portion of the process.


Listed below are general instructions for the proper and optimum operation of your new rainwater bin. For best results, please follow these tips closely.

*After proper installation of the tank,engage the infall which is equipped with a textilene filtration net and is located on the top of the tank.The infall will filter out.impurities in the water which will allow for easy clearance inside the raindrop rain barrel.See illustration below

*Open the zipper on the top of the barrel which will make it possible to expose the entire top part of the tank.Taking this step will make it more convenient to store and fetch eater.The overflow portion on the barrel top will divert redundant water automatically when the barrel is at full capacity.

*Connect the outlet connector valve to a variety of garden implements in order to increase and diversify usage.


To ensure the proper assembly and optimum operation of your new rainstation rain barrel,please follow the following instructions carefully.

General instructions

*Be sure to install the unit on a flat surface.

*When the unit is full,never attempt to move it.

*As a precaution,the use of a raised stand that allows the dispensing of water directly into a watering can should be considered.

*Insert the support legs into the sewn hems located on the side of the storage tank.See illustration.The remainder of the components come pre-assembled.

*Select the permanent position of the water butt,making certain that the surface is even and can withstand the total weight of the water butt when the unit is filled.Attach the white flexible pipe to the overflow valve.This pipe has multiple uses.It can be used to link an additional water butt,divert water to a drain or attach to a rain trap.

Collecting Rainwater

*Position the downpipe receptor directly under the downpipe in order to collect rainwater via the lid mesh filter.By doing so,unwanted debris will not contaminate the water.

*Connect the flexible pipe to a downpipe trap(not included).

*Attached the overflow pipe to an additional water butt to increase storage capacity.

*To dispense collected rainwater,the outlet tap can be attached to a variety of watering accessories.

Hints & Tips

*There are proven benefits for the use of rainwater.

*Rainwater is rich in nutrients

*Superior to tap water for most garden plants

*Free of chemical additives

*To limit evaporation,water your garden and lawn in the early morning or late evening.

*During winter,always empty the water butt to avoid the risk of damage from freezing.

Investing in a collapsible rain barrel is not only smart for the environment, but also smart for your wallet. By taking advantage of free and abundant rainwater, you can reduce your water bills while still maintaining a beautiful and thriving garden.

RAINBOW as one of rain barrel company in China,we can make 55 gallon drum rain barrel and other sizes.Collapsible backyard rain barrel provides a comprehensive solution for rainwater harvesting and storage. Its practical features, durability, and environmental benefits make it a must-have addition to any Eco-conscious home. Start collecting rainwater today with a collapsible rain barrel and take a step toward a sustainable future.


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