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PVC Water Bladder

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Our PVC Water Bladder Tank are a great choice for your all kinds of liquid storage needs. These PVC bladders tanks a store container used in storing chemicals, potable and non-potable water.

What is water bladder?

Pvc water bladder, using polymer-polymerized mesh materials, professional equipment, advanced technology, mainly used for water, plays an important role in the transport of water, especially suitable for water transport in hills, mountains and other places. The custom-made  water bladder is suitable for all types of vehicles. It replaces the heavy metal barrels and rubber tanks that are heavy, easy to rust and short in life. It will not hurt the body due to poor road surface during transportation. life. It will not be used normally due to seasonal changes during use, and it can be folded and stored when not in use, reducing space consumption. The pvc water bladder also has good sealing and corrosion resistance, and can be used to store some liquid irritating odor materials, and its life span can be 8-10 years.



1. Water resistance: that is, the performance of water and the infiltration of water are basically unchanged after being infiltrated by water, and it is impervious to water under the pressure of water.

2. Temperature stability: no sloshing, no blistering, no sliding at high temperatures; no brittle cracking at low temperatures. It can also be considered as the ability to maintain its original performance under certain temperature changes.

3. Mechanical strength, elongation boat fracture resistance: performance without breaking under load stress and deformation conditions within the allowable range of the building structure.

4. Flexibility: For waterproof materials, it is required to have low temperature flexibility, which is easy to construct and not brittle.

5. Atmospheric stability: The ability to resist aging and resist erosion under the long-term combination of sunlight, heat, oxygen and other chemical attack media, microbial attack media and other factors.

 pvc water bladder

Appearance requirements for pvc water bladder

1. At -10-80 °C, it should be easy to open, and it should not cause brittle cracking and damage to the rubber surface. The cloth should be completely saturated with rubber, and the surface should not be exposed. The two layers of the tile must be bonded together with glue material.

2. The surface protective layer must be continuously and evenly bonded to the surface of the cloth to achieve a close coverage effect. The rubber (sheet) material must be uniform, and the mineral particles (sheet) embedded in the cloth should not cause damage to the material.

3, the surface should have rubber self-adhesive and protective tape.

4. There are no visible defects on the surface, such as holes, uncut edges, cracks, cracks, pits, and drums.

This kind of PVC water bladders are suitable for following liquids:

Food grade: alcohol, food additives, juice concentrate, liquid, mineral water, sorbitol, soy sauce, vinegar, malt extract, all kinds of sugar water.

Industrial grade: detergents, brine, industrial water, detergents, printing inks, latexes, herbicides, preservatives, oxygen inhibitors, fertilizers, disinfectants, etc.

Welcome to contact us  if you have any question about PVC storage tank.


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