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The benefit of re-using the greywater

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There are many benefit if we treat greywater and use if again,more and more countries realize it and adopt action,so there are many benefit about re-using graywater.

Demand on conventional water supplies and pressure on sewage treatment systems is reduced by the use of greywater. Re-using greywater also reduces the volume of sewage effluent entering watercourses,which can be ecologically beneficial. In times of drought, especially in urban areas, greywater use in gardens or toilet systems again helps to achieve some of the goals of ecologically sustainable development.

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The potential ecological benefits of greywater recycling include

1.Reduced energy use and chemical pollution after treatment

2.Groundwater recharge increasing

3.Greater quality of surface and ground water when preserved by the natural purification in the top layers of soil than generated water treatment processes

4.Reduced freshwater extraction from rivers and aquifers

5.Reclamation of nutrients

6.Less impact from septic tank and treatment plant infrastructure

The water supplies are limited in the southwest of U.S.and the Middle East, especially in view of a rapidly growing population, a strong imperative exists for adoption of alternative water technologies.

The potential economic benefits of greywater recycling including:

1.Can reduce the amount of waste water going in the sewer or on-site treatment system.

2.Can reduce the demand for fresh water, and the cost of domestic water consumption is significantly reduced when people reduce the use of fresh water, while relieving the pressure of global water resources.

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