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Bulk Of Folding Livestock Drinking Water Storage Bag Potable Water Bladder Made With PVC Tarpaulin

As one nutrient for livestock,water quality and quantity may affect feed consumption and animal health.RAINBOW made folding water storage bladder can store safety and clean drinking water for livestock everyday.It can carry and movable here and there when it’s empty.It the good helper for farmers.
  • KSD-020
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Horse water tank description

Livestock cannot adapt to water restriction very well. Providing less water than cattle need results in decreased feed intake and reduced performance. Water deprivation for extended periods can result in death.Meet their drinking requirements is very important thing in each day. Any experienced farmer should know their livestock daily drinking needs.RAINBOW manufacture one new kind of water container or bladder,which can store drinking water and you can place it in any place or space where have livestock,and meet their drinking easily and handily.

Cattle drinking trough specification

No.Size (m)CapacityNo.Size (m)Capacity

Animal watering trough detailed information

Material:PVC tarpaulin

Assembly:high-frequency welding

Feature:small size and roll up when it’s empty

Save transportation charge and space when it’s empty

Simple and assemble within 10 minutes

Expanding it and grow up a big water reservoir

20000liter Meet drinking water for 20 cattle in a day

Durable and reusable for many seasons

How to choose folding livestock drinking water bag bladders?

Tell us the size of your space where put folding livestock drinking water bag bladders,or tell us the size of water bladder you need?

How to use folding livestock drinking water bag bladders?

There are one inlet with cap and one air vent on the top of water bladder,one outlet valve in the side of bladder

Firstly,make outlet valve on OFF situation

Second,take inlet cap away,put water hose into the inlet to fill water into empty bladder,the air in empty bladder will release out from air vent.

Third,Close the cap on the inlet to control dust,fill water into tank finished.

Forth,connecting water hose with outlet at first,and make outlet valve ON,water will drain from filled water bladder to flow into water though for livestock drinking.

Horse trough quality control

Air testing for 24 hour to test whether bladder sealed tightly and no leakage.



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