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Custom Made Flexible PVC Drinking Water Storage Tank Potable Water Bladder For Livestock

Water is an important nutrient for livestock,but often overlooked by farmers.Good water quality and cleanliness can increase water intake and improve livestock production.RAINBOW custom made flexible PVC water storage tank can store drinking water for livestock.Especially on desert or rural farm,movable and assemble easily,roll up in small volume and keep use by many times.
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Cattle water tank description

Livestock water requirements and consumption depend on a number of factors.Lower evaporative losses of water from cattle in high humidity conditions can slightly lower water intake requirements.As one experienced farmer,who should know it.How to store water for livestock drinking?maybe you use steel or cement water though to hold water storage for livestock.RAINBOW supply you flexible PVC water tanks to store drinking water for livestock.

CodeDescriptionSizeCapacityQtyNet WeightGross Weight
1PVC WATER TANK2x12x0.75m18000 Liter183.9kgs85.00kgs
2PVC WATER TANK2x10x0.75m15000 Liter172.00kgs73.00kgs
3PVC WATER TANK2x8x0.75m12000 Liter156.00kgs57.00kgs
4PVC WATER TANK2x7x0.75m10500 Liter151.20kgs52.00kgs
5PVC WATER TANK2x6x0.75m9000 Liter146.01kgs46.76kgs
6PVC WATER TANK2x4x0.75m6000 Liter132.38kgs33.00kgs
7PVC WATER TANK2x3x0.75m4500 Liter125.44kgs26.00kgs
8PVC WATER TANK2x3x0.5m3000 Liter123.55kgs24.00kgs

Livestock water trough features

1. Assemble simple within 5 minutes

2. Roll up when it's empty

3. Light weight and small volume when it's empty

4. Save freight and space when it's rolled up

5. Reusable in many seasons

6. Based on flat ground or grassland

Animal water trough advantages

1. Small size in roll up,big capacity when water filled

2. Use it under any harsh-use environments

3. Anti-UV material and hold water temperature for drinking

4. Custom any larger capacity as your needs

5. Pick it up finished usage,reuse in next season.

Livestock water tub accessories

*Inlet fitting with cap 1pc

*Outlet valve 1pc

*Air vent 1pc

*Reinforced corners 4pcs

*Repair kit 1set

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