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Foldable PVC Fabric Livestock Drinking Water Bag Pillow Potable Water Bladder Factory

Water is the one most important nutrient required by livestock. Decreased intake can adversely affect health,reproduction and growth.RAINBOW MADE foldable PVC fabric water bladder can store drinking water for livestock,which can ensure livestock to get clean and safety drinking water every day.Foldable and stackable when it's empty,put any place without weather limited.
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Livestock water tank description

RAINBOW is one factory of manufacturing foldable PVC livestock drinking water bladders since 2006.we are engaged in this field to supply a solution for the permanent or temporary storage of raw water.Especially for Africa market,Who live in desert and operate farm and raise more and more livestock,we supply foldable pillow PVC drinking water bladders help them solve drinking water of livestock.

Animal water tank sizes and capacities

CapacityTank Layflat SizeTank Approx.Size FilledGround sheet Size
1,000L/264 Gal.2.60 x 1.50m2.10 x 1.00 x 0.50m3.10 x 2.00m
2,000L/528 Gal.2.60 x 2.30m2.00 x 1.70 x 0.60m3.10 x 2.80m
3,000lL/793 Gal.3.10 x 2.60m2.50 x 2.00 x 0.60m3.60 x 3.10m
5,000L/1321 Gal.4.50 x 2.60m3.80 x 1.90 x 0.70m5.00 x 3.10m
10,000 L/2642 Gal.5.20 x 3.40m4.20 x 2.40 x 1.00m5.70 x 3.90m
15,000 L/3963 Gal.5.20 x 4.50m4.10 x 3.40 x 1.10m5.70 x 5.00m
20,000 L/5283 Gal.5.40 x 5.20m4.20 x 4.00 x 1.20m5.90 x 5.70m
30,000 L/7925 Gal.7.20 x 5.20m5.90 x 3.90 x 1.30m7.70 x 5.70m
50,000 L/13209 Gal.8.30 x 6.50m6.80 x 5.00 x 1.50m8.80 x 7.00m

Animal water storage tank and iron tank difference

1.Foldable PVC water bladder in small size and volume

2.Flexible and movable anywhere

3.Install and operate handily

4.Durable and reuse many times

Need trough for cattle? Call at +86-29-8551-8382 to find out more about our flexible water storage solutions!



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