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Water storage bladder tanks made by PVC tarpaulin material

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It is our pleasure that we will introduce PVC tarpaulin material to you named as PVC coated material too.

Its raw material is polyvinyl chloride and the factory make it with fabric by tape casting process or calendering process to get PVC tarpaulin material,so we get it same as below picture.

raw material of PVC tarpaulin

PVC tarpaulin can make PVC bladderPVC tarpaulin made flexible PVC tank

There are many different thickness about PVC tarpaulin material,so its specification are different too,now we can show you technical data about 0.80mm.

Technical data of PVC tarpaulin material

We make many series of collapsible tanks by PVC tarpaulin material,for example,irrigation water bladder,rainwater harvesting,fire protection water storage tanks,garden water bag,gray water pillow tank.maybe you know that tanks made by PVC tarpaulin material can store non-potable water and other liquid.

Do you need irrigation water bladder and drinking water storage tank for livestock?

Do you need fire fighting water tanks and underground water bladder?

Please contact with us if you have interested in do business with us.


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