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Discount Of Folding PVC Rainwater Collection Tank Rain Storage Bag Bladder

Rain catchment is a practice that has been around for centuries.Folding PVC rainwater collection tank are widely used in Europe, Australia, India, the Bahamas and countless remote countries - many who depend solely on rain for day to day life.
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Rainwater storage containers description

Since 2006,we manufacture folding rainwater collecting tank bladder and serve the thousands of customers in the whole world,so we have a good reputation among them.

It is very significant that collecting rainwater to store in tank and use again.This is a very environmentally friendly measure after all water resources are too scarce in the world.The range of tank capacity from 200liter to 1000,000liter,which can meet your requirement to collect rainwater.Choose our 200 to 20000liter rain storage tank for small residential projects,and big than 20000liter is suitable for larger commercial applications.

Rain water tank specification

1200 Liter110X60X30cm4.0kgs96000 Liter380X180X88cm27kgs
2500 Liter165X70X40cm7.0kgs107000 Liter400X195X90cm29kgs
31000 Liter200X100X50cm8.0kgs118000 Liter440X200X90cm32kgs
41500 Liter250X100X60cm11.0kgs129000 Liter470X200X95cm34kgs
52000 Liter250X120X67cm13.0kgs1310000 Liter480X220X95cm37kgs
63000 Liter300X150X67cm16.0kgs1415000 Liter500X300X100cm52kgs
74000 Liter310X160X80cm20.0kgs1520000 Liter610X330X100cm61kgs
85000 Liter350X180X80cm24.0kgs1625000 Liter800X315X100cm74kgs

500 gallon collapsible water tank other usages

• Construction Water.

• Irrigation Water Storage

• Drought Preparation.

• Weight and Load Testing.

• Remote Fire Preparedness.

• Clean Out or Tank Repair Storage.

• Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Missions.

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