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Bulk Of Folding PVC Tarpaulin Material Made Rainwater Catchment Tank Portable Rain Water Tank

Installation a rainwater harvesting and storage system in drought-plagued areas to provide a school's students and teachers for safe and dependable water.RAINBOW can provide similar rainwater catchment and storage systems for other types of communities, and smaller systems for households.It is designed for indoor,outdoor and underground installation.
  • KSD-007
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Rainwater harvesting tanks description

Browsing one news that Somalia-Horn of Africa,a world-famous arid region, a place where even a camel can die of thirst.Drought is a very serious problem in Africa,RAINBOW folding rainwater collection bag rain bladders enable Africans to harvest and store rain when rainy season is coming, then use rainwater as life water or irrigation,we can ensure it will have a significant and lasting impact to Africans because we have many customers come from Africa.

Residential water tanks specification

CodeCapacityDimensionsNet WeightFoldable Volume
1200L/53 gal.55"x35"4kgs/8.82 lb.0.01m3
2500L/132 gal.81"x43"6kgs/13.23 lb.0.02m3
31000L/264 gal.98"x59"9kgs/19.84 lb.0.04m3
41500L/396 gal.122"x63"11kgs/24.25 lb.0.05m3
52000L/528 gal.125"x74"14kgs/30.86 lb.0.06m3
63000L/793 gal.144"x85"16kgs/35.27 lb.0.08m3
74000L/1057 gal.154"x94"20kgs/44.09 lb.0.09m3
85000L/1321 gal.169"x102"24kgs/52.91 lb.0.10m3
96000L/1585 gal.181"x102"27kgs/59.52 lb.0.11m3
107000L/1849 gal.193"x110"32kgs/70.55 lb.0.12m3
118000L/2113 gal.209"x114"34kgs/74.96 lb.0.13m3
129000L/2378 gal.222"x116"35kgs/77.16 lb.0.14m3
1310000L/2642 gal.226"x120"37kgs/81.57 lb.0.15m3
1412000L/3170 gal.205"x154"48kgs/105.82 lb.0.19m3
1515000L/3963 gal.205"x177"52kgs/114.64 lb.0.22m3
1620000L/5283 gal.213"x205"61kgs/134.48 lb.0.26m3
1730000L/7925 gal.283"x205"81kgs/178.57 lb.0.35m3
1840000L/10567 gal.327"x256"107kgs/235.89 lb.0.46m3

PVC water storage tank applications

• Irrigation.

• Drought Preparation.

• Weight and Load Testing.

• Construction Water.

• Remote Fire Preparedness.

• Clean Out or Tank Repair Storage.

• Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Missions.

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