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Collapsible PVC Made Pillow Fire Fighting Water Storage Container PVC Fire Tank On Stock

RAINBOW MADE many series of flexible tanks since 2006.Collapsible PVC made pillow fire water storage tank is one kind of flexible water storage tank,has pillow,rectangle and onion shape on optional.Put it beside the hospital,forest,warehouse and homeland and fill water fully in tank in advance,the water can be use as fire water once fire is happened.
  • KSD-007
  • Keystar

Fire water storage tanks description

Fire trucks can fire fighting in the city and town because there are wide roads.There is no road in those remote villages or forests for fire trucks,then fire trucks seems powerless. Instead,collapsible pillow fire fighting water storage container tank can take outstanding advantages,which can be placed houses,hotels,restaurants,hospitals,

and forest fire protection after filling water fully.It can fire fighting quickly once fire is happened.We design and manufacture different shape fire tank to meet your usage requirement in any place.

Portable fire water tanks specification


Flexible water storage bladders features

1.It looks like an envelope when it's empty

2.It will be a closed tank

3.Collapsible and movable when it's empty

4.It will be flat, folded and rolled up When a flexible potable water tank arrives to your location.

Temporary storage tank other applications

1.Clean out or tank repair storage.

2.Rainwater collection.

3.Weight and load testing of bridge.

4.Liquid fertilizer storage

5.Chemical effluents

6.Drinking water storage for livestock

7.Ammonia solution storage

8.Solution of caustic soda storage

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