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TPU collapsible fuel bladder tanks

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The TPU collapsible fuel bladder is made of high polymer composite material, which is composed of polyester fiber woven mesh with multi-layer polyurethane coating on both sides through high-frequency welding. The fuel bladder is used for carrying and filling gasoline, diesel and other fuels. In order to avoid the impurities inside the TPU oil bladder and the external environment from eroding the TPU material fiber mesh, all internal and external welds are sealed and welded with oil-resistant sealing materials. 

The produced TPU foldable fuel bag has the characteristics of light weight, foldable, wear-resisting, anti-falling, strong environmental adaptability, easy to carry and use. The inner diameter of oil inlet and outlet varies from 36mm to 75mm, which is suitable for filling with oil gun. Bevel seal is adopted to ensure the reliability of oil seal. The outer wall is matt and flame retardant, its color is matt green, or other colors.

Characteristics of TPU oil bladder.

1.Small size, light weight, easy transportation and handling.

2.Saving space and convenient. It can collapse to less than 6% of the total volume when empty;

3. Excellent in oil resistance, sealing performance, uv resistance and aging resistance;

4. The collapsible fuel tank is has long life span design;

5. The oil inlet and outlet adopt fast connector, which is convenient to disassemble and can meet the needs of various caliber pumping units or oil filters;

6. With a strong climate resistance, it can be used in all kinds of weather conditions, and it can store a variety of refined oil and other liquids.

Nowadays, our TPU collapsible fuel bladder is mainly used for temporary and long-term storage of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, industrial oil and other substances

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