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The Ganges RIver is listed among the worst polluted rivers in Asia

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All the content is referenced in the world water survey

Water pollution, floods and droughts have become the three major water related disasters in South asia". The quality of living water in India is among the 122 countries in the world to be ranked third, with about 2000000 tons of industrial waste flowing directly into rivers every day. Local people drinking and using contaminated groundwater during cooking have led to many health problems. Water pollution seriously affects the health of ordinary people. The main river flowing through northern India, Ganges RIver, has been listed as one of the worst polluted rivers in the world.

According to Reuters, Israeli drip irrigation technology is now a breakthrough, the use of ultraviolet water purification and use of bacteria to deal with organic sewage. 60% of Israel's land area is classified as arid areas, and all the water resources in the territory are owned by the state. Five years after the outbreak of the Iraq war, millions of people in Iraq lack clean drinking water.

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