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Portable water tank and its Usage

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A portable water tank is a temporary collapsible tank designed to store water in firefighting, emergency rescue and military applications. These tanks can be supported or unsupported.Support tanks have steel or aluminum frames and are available in sizes ranging from 600 to 5,000 US gal (500 to 4,160 Imp gal; 2,300 to 18,900 L) or larger in custom designs.Portable tanks also without supports, such as self-supporting tanks (onion tanks), sink and pillow tanks, or bladder tanks, ranging in size from 100 US gal (83 imp gal; 380 liters) to 80,000 US gal (67,000 imp gal); 300,000 liters).

Usage/Deployment Portable water tank

It is mainly used in rural areas where fire hydrants are not available.They are carried by water trucks and deployed at fire sites during shuttle operations.Portable water tanks are usually located near or in front of the attack engine or possibly near the supply engine.This enables bidders to quickly unload their volumes and return to the filling site as quickly as possible.They're designed to take two

firefighters to set up in about half a minute.The engine may then use the suction hose to suck water from the tank.

Collapsible tank

Collapsible tanks are used to store fuel, water or chemicals and are manufactured using technical fabrics.These tanks are manufactured in a variety of sizes and styles, with a variety of fabrics available depending on the liquid they hold.They are assembled using fabric welding techniques such as hot air, heat compression and radio frequency (RF) welding.Compared to steel tanks, collapsible fabric tanks can be transported, unfolded and unfolded relatively easily and quickly characteristics that make them a reasonable choice for applications in remote locations such as mining exploration camps and temporary installations such as military operations choose.Collapsible tanks have been used successfully in the Arctic,where challenges such as climate, location and logistical costs make other tank types impractical.Many manufacturers produce collapsible fabric tanks for general use.

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