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Pillow Fuel Bladder 5m3 In 10pieces Will Be Shipped To Pakstan

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One of customer from Pakistan who have interested in pillow fuel bladder,we contact with each other for many time,he planed to buy 5m3 in 10pieces to store diesel.we can make 2.0inch intake/outtake valve on the top of fuel bladder,also one air relief on top.   

We will ship collapsible rain barrels by sea to Karachi port in Pakistan today.

Pillow fuel bladder is are specially designed for temporary storage fuel, oil, water, chemical and other liquids.The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester.Frame work material is terylene fabric coated with special polyurethane on both fabric thickness of TPU material is 1.35mm.

Pillow oil bladder are widely used in field engineering projects, and oil is stored to provide energy for the project.We provide oil tanks with large number quantity for the Chinese army to use in the field. Some large-scale substations or national power companies, and some large-scale chemical plants also use this kind of flexible oil bladder.

We need inform you that pillow fuel bladder can store following liquid:

General chemicals,lubricating oils,additives,transformer oil,plasticizers,synthetic reins,detergent,

silicates,emulsions,salt solutions,natural latex,synthetic latex,glycerin,printing Inks,base oil,glycols, 

polyols,white oil,herbicide,fertilizers,coconut oil,rust inhibitors.

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