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How water storage bag works?

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At present, most people are familiar with the water storage bag, which has also brought great convenience to our lives.Today, I will introduce the reasons why water storage bag can store water.

The product of the water storage bag is determined by its principle. Since the polymer material used in the water bladder can form a complete continuous coating film after drying. It is a relatively complete coating film, there is still a gap. The water in nature is in an associative state, and dozens of water molecules are connected by hydrogen bonds to form a large molecular group. It is extremely difficult if the molecular group wants to pass through the polymer gap of the water bladder.

What we talk above is the reason why the water bladder can store water. In general, solvent-based coatings tend to have better water storage properties than emulsion coatings. Solvent-based water storage bags can rely on polymer molecules to accumulate into a film during solvent evaporation, and the molecules are tightly bound and have fewer voids.

The water bladder relies on the fusion between the emulsion particles to form a film, but the molecular gap of the film formation is large, and the coating film is relatively loose. Although functionally, there is a clear functional tendency between the two water bladders. However, since solvent-based water bladders are harmful to the human body and the environment during production and processing, a large number of hazards are generated, which limits the application of solvent-based water bladders.

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In general, both types of water bladders have their own advantages and disadvantages, and users are free to choose. I hope that the above brief introduction can help you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.



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