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how clean water bladder?

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With the increase of the application of water bag, the problems about the application of water bag are gradually emerging. Solving these problems is the key to give full play to the characteristics of water bag. We summarize the problems in the use of water bags, mainly including how to clean, disinfect and freeze water bags.

 water bladder

First of all, we want to talk about the cleaning of water bags. The cleaning of the water bag is relatively easy. For the water bag which is not very dirty, it can be achieved by using soap water directly. If soapy water is not particularly clean, it can be cleaned with soda water. In view of the problem of water bag cleaning, we should remind users that the use of water bag to do a good job of cleaning, it is best to wash regularly.

In addition, it is about the disinfection of collapsible water tanks. The disinfection of water bladder is the key to prevent bacterial growth inside water sac. Users can use bleaching agents when disinfecting water bags. Usually, the time of adding bleach into the water bag is long enough to achieve good disinfection effect. Users need to put the disinfectant for about 12 hours.

water bladder tank

Finally, it's about the freezing of water bags. Users need to pay attention to the fact that when the water bag is used for freezing, we can not add too much water inside it, and it is better not to exceed half of the volume of the water bag, so as not to destroy the water bag device after freezing.

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