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Flexible PVC Made Portable Top Open Rainwater Storage Barrel 160L For Sale

As reported,rainwater is one sources which can be used again,flexible PVC made portable top open rainwater storage barrel is one flexible rainwater container.The capacities of rain tanks are from 100 to 3000liter which can harvest raineater 100 to 3000liter.
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Plastic storage barrels description

Water storage may be the most important part of your emergency supply and is often overlooked.To simplify,we have created a 160 liter(42.22-Gallon)portable and flexible PVC rainwater storage barrel that provides a 1-month supply(1.41 Gallon per day) of water for an individual, as well as water treatment for long-term storage. These durable, heavy-duty tanks come with a ball-valve for easy access to your water.

Plastic barrel for water storage sizzes and capacities

CpacitySizeSupporting rods
100 Ldia.40X H78cm3
160 Ldia.50X H88cm3
250 Ldia.60X H88cm3
380 Ldia.75X H88cm4
800 Ldia.100X H 100cm4
1000 Ldia.110 X H 100cm6
1200 Ldia.120 X H 110cm6
1500 Ldia.130 X H 110cm6
1600 Ldia.150 X H 90cm8
2000 Ldia.150 X H 110cm8
2500 Ldia170 X H 110cm8
2500 Ldia.160X H 120cm8
3000 Ldia.185 X H 110cm10

Storing water in barrels benefits

1.Portable and durable

2.Hold it up to reuse in next season

3.Small or large capacities available

4.Fits securely in basements or on garden

5.Connects to downspouts,pipes and pumps

6.Easy to ship and move

Plastic barrel storage cautions

Make sure that you put storage barrel in place before you fill it though, because barrel 160L will weigh in excess of 352 lbs once filled.

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