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Wholesale Compressive PVC Rainwater Collection Barrel Rain Bucket 100 Gallon

Rainwater harvesting is collecting the run-off in order to store it for later use. RAINBOW compressive PVC barrel can collect rainwater in gutters that channel the water into downspouts and then into PVC barrel.It is simple collecting rain with PVC barrel to supply your entire household demand.
  • KSD-010
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Container for collecting rainwater description

Stores 100 gallon of rainwater with dual-way zippers.As manufacturer and wholesaler of compressive PVC collecting rainwater barrels 100 gallons.Its space-saving design allows the tank to fit backyards, and corners of houses with tight spaces. The top mesh is designed like a filter to prevent leaves, and insects from contaminating your rainwater. This barrel has a crack-free design.

Mesh barrel specificaitions

1.Material:1000D PVC tarpaulin & PVC support rod

2.Capacity:100 US Gallon/380 liter

3.Dimensions: (27.6 x 38.6)" / (70 x 98)cm (Dia. x H)

4.Color:drak green,black

5.Weight:7.93 lbs /3.6 kg

6.Packing:98 x 14 x 14 cm

Package Includes

PVC support rod 7 pcs

ABS outlet valve 1 pc

3/4" outlet tap 1 pc

White tap 1 pc

Compressive PVC collecting rain water barrels 380L

Linking water barrels together feature

1.Portable barrel can be placed on any level surface

2.Attractive landscape green infused color

3.Quick,no-hassle assembly

4.Available in 13 to 356 US Gallon

5.Complete assembly and installation instructions included



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