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Custom Made Flexible Diesel Transfer Tank Gasoline Fuel Storage Bag Fuel Bladder

Item name:China folding fuel tank, folding fuel tank 

Model No.:KSD-005 
  • KSD-009
  • Keystar

Bladder fuel tank description

Here is China folding fuel tank which is customized for one of our customer from Gemany. It can be used to as an extra tank on a car. 

Best diesel transfer tank details

Product name China folding fuel tank
Model No.KSD-005
Fittings on the fuel tank

Inlet fitting,1.0inch,1pc

Outlet valve,1.0inch,1pc

Handles on long side,4pcs

Customer from Germen told us”My car needs to be possible to go >1000km with on board fuel. 15l/100km means about 150liter fuel.The idea is to put 2pcs supply tanks in my car for expedition trips in the outback.”

Fuel bladder diesel features

1. Fuel tank is made with thermoplastic polyurethane material, which is oil resistant

2. Foldable when empty,carry easily.

4. Supply oil anywhere

5. Suitable for narrow space of car

We can customize fuel bladder for each customer, and you just need offer the size of bladder or space supplied to us. We can design and manufacture the folding fuel tank according to your request.




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