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Cheap Collapsible PVC Grey Irrigation Water Tank Agricultural Water Storage Bladder

Other Name: Collapsible grey water tank, Grey water tank, Collapsible water tank
Material:Raw PVC tarpaulin material
Volume:200-200000 liter
Lifetime:8-10 years
Warranty:2 years after shipment
We offer customize service according to your color and size requirements
  • KSD-020
  • Keystar

Best quality of water tank specification

There are many gray water in all kinds of industrial enterprise. Therefore, how to store waste water become a thorny problem. China collapsible grey water tank temporary water storage tanks industrial water bladders, which are well welcomed among our Middle East customers  for its lower cost and easy operation. We can solve all kinds of water storage problem for you.

Above ground plastic water storage tanks detailed information

Product name:cheap collapsible PVC grey irrigation water tank agricultural water storage bladder

Model No.: KSD-005  

Material: Raw PVC tarpaulin material

Volume: 200-200000 liter

Lifetime: 8-10 years

Warranty: 2 years after shipment

Plastic water tanks storage sizes & capacities

No. Size(m) Volume No. Size(m) Volume
1 1.0x1.2x0.5 600 Liter 11 2.0x2.0x0.75 3000 Liter
2 1.0x1.7x0.5 700 Liter 12 2.0x3.0x0.75 4000 Liter
3 1.0x1.8x0.5 900 Liter 13 2.0x4.0x0.75 6000 Liter
4 1.0x2.0x0.5 1000 Liter 14 2.0x5.0x0.75 7500 Liter
5 1.0x2.5x0.5 1250 Liter 15 2.0x6.0x0.75 9000 Liter
6 1.3x1.4x0.75 1365 Liter 16 2.0x7.0x0.75 10500 Liter
7 1.5x2.0x0.5 1500 Liter 17 2.0x8.0x0.75 12000 Liter
8 1.4x1.5x0.75 1575 Liter 18 2.0x10.0x0.75 15000 Liter
9 2.0x2.0x0.5 2000 Liter 19 2.0x12.0x0.75 18000 Liter
10 2.0x3.0x0.5 3000 Liter 20 2.0x15.0x0.75 22500 Liter

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Agricultural water tank Features

1. Made of flexible PVC tarpaulin that is incredibly strong material. And reinforced on both sides with PVC fabric

2. Can be folded easily, transported & relocated anywhere

3. Easy to operate-it is quick to set up and requires no fixing tools

4. Low maintenance-easy to clean and repair even at sites

5. Our Pvc water storage tanks are also environmentally friendly

7. No pollution to water or other liquids stored in it

Irrigation tank usage 

1. Store any gray water and rainwater from roof

2. Store irrigation water for garden and drinking water for livestock.

Irrigation tank accessories

* User Manual

* Service Kit

* Packing cloth (optional)

* Ground sheet (optional)

Best quality of water tank packing

Packing: Each tank packed by bag with zipper

Date of delivery: depending on your order quantity, usually 7-20 days



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