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Farm Water Storage Tanks For Agricultural Irrigation Systems PVC Water Containers Manufacturer

All customers from Saudi Arabia purcahse this kind of water tank.The unique design is not same as other shape,its inlet and outlet are made form flexible PVC which are same material as water tank,we give it a name THE LONG NOSE WATER TANK.The capacity of water tank has 600 liter to 22500 liter and tank height has 50 cm and 75 cm.
  • KSD-020
  • keystar

Huge water storage containers description

Many arid area exist in the whole world,and drought brings obstacles to agricultural development.The climate is relatively droughty in Mexico,more than 50% of the fields is in various degrees of drought all year round, and the annual average rainfall is much lower than the world average.Pillow irrigation water storage tank bladder can store water for irrigation and as water reservoir when connect with drip irrigation system,The perfect choice for water bladder and drip irrigation can promote agricultural development,and help reduce water costs to have a great crop regardless the weather conditions

Farm water storage tanks detailed information

Item name:farm water storage tanks for agricultural irrigation systems

Model No.:KSD-020

Material:reinforced PVC tarpaulin

Temperature resistance: -30°C to + 70°C



Rang of capacity:600 to 22500 liter

Farm water storage tanks specification

CodeDescriptionSizeCapacityQtyNet WeightGross Weight
1PVC WATER TANK2x12x0.75m18000 Liter183.9kgs85.00kgs
2PVC WATER TANK2x10x0.75m15000 Liter172.00kgs73.00kgs
3PVC WATER TANK2x8x0.75m12000 Liter156.00kgs57.00kgs
4PVC WATER TANK2x7x0.75m10500 Liter151.20kgs52.00kgs
5PVC WATER TANK2x6x0.75m9000 Liter146.01kgs46.76kgs
6PVC WATER TANK2x4x0.75m6000 Liter132.38kgs33.00kgs
7PVC WATER TANK2x3x0.75m4500 Liter125.44kgs26.00kgs
8PVC WATER TANK2x3x0.5m3000 Liter123.55kgs24.00kgs

Farm water tanks plastic applications

1.Irrigation water storage

2.Collecting rainwater

3.Gary water storage

4.Water treatment

5.Fire water storage

6.Control dust

7.Rural water supply

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