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Africa Require Flexible Pillow Drinking Water Bags URGENTLY

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UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) statistics show the water crisis causes 6,000 deaths each year in Africa and more than 300 million Africans live a poor life because of water shortages. 

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We have one of old friend,Mr.Mustafa,come from Kenya,we do business with each other for many years.he purchased collapsible pillow drinking water tank 10000liter for UN in Somalia and Kenya government.

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Flexible water tanks are built using several different fabrics including those that are FDA and SGS approved for drinking water.Several reasons make pillow tanks ideal vessels or water storage particularly within contexts where water availability is scarce and there need either transport using trucks or harvest rainwater.

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Some of the benefits of the pillow drinking storage tanks as follows:

*the pillow tanks are ideal for water trucking to populations facing water shortage

*the pillow tanks are be distributed to groups or populations in need of water storage vessels,for example,agro-pastoral and pastoral communities,or any other emergency areas.

Pillow drinking water tanks are reliable,portable and can be carried by means of animal transport such as camel and donkey.

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