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Do you know Soaking Seeds Before Planting?

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Spring is coming,the process of sowing seed directly into the garden is in full swing in most parts of China.

soaking rice seeds

Someone are planning to make the first seeds of the season are going into the ground,but for other people in milder climates, other farmers choose to make the second planting is commencing. In some northern regions of China,farmers are waiting for the day warmer and warmer so that they can soak seeds to plant in the soil sufficiently.

onion pvc water tank for soaking seeds

There is a way to get quicker germination once your seeds are in the ground although we frequently urge patience on those who might plant too early,a technique known to almost every gardener and practiced universally,it is very important that Soak your seeds before planting. Soaking garden seeds both vegetable and flower seeds, seeds will swell and soften them and get their little embryonic selves thinking about coming out of day.

Soaking raw nuts and seeds increases the nutritional content of Vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, in particular B Vitamins.


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