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20L Fuel Bladder Customer Feedback From Canada

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Thanks for trusting and we are really greatful for customer's feedback. 

This is one of our old customer in Canada. We have a lot customers who purchase our small fuel bladders for many years. Many of them own personal plane. They use it to supply fuel/oil while in need. The 20L fuel bladders is made of high-strength, tear-resistant polyurethane (TPU) coated cloth, which is made by high frequency welding or hot synthesis after cutting. This kind of portable fuel storage bladder has the characteristics of light weight, foldable, wear-resistant, drop-resistant, good sealing, non-toxic and tasteless, convenient to carry and carry, anti-static and so on.

We have 13 years experience in manufacturing and exporting fuel bladders. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.  Email:

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