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What is Camping?

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Camping is an outdoor recreational activity that involves overnight stays in basic temporary accommodation such as tents.Camping can also include shelter such as recreational vehicles,permanent tents, campsites or tarps, or no shelter at all. Often, participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors for activities that provide them with a fun or educational experience.Sleeping outside is what separates camping from day trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities.Camping as a recreational activity became popular with the elite in the early 20th century. Over time,it has grown in popularity among other socioeconomic classes.Modern campers frequent publicly owned natural resources such as national and state parks, wilderness areas, and commercial campgrounds. In a few countries, such as Sweden and Scotland, public campsites are also legal on private land.Camping is an important part of many youth organizations around the world, such as Scouting, which uses it to teach self-reliance and teamwork.


The act of staying and sleeping in an outdoor area, usually in a tent, for one or more days.Camping describes a range of activities and methods of living outdoors.Survivalists and backcountry campers typically set out as little as possible.Other campers may use specialized camping gear designed for comfort, including their own power and heat sources and camp furniture.Camping can be combined with hiking,such as backpacking, and often with other outdoor activities, such as canoeing, kayaking, climbing, fishing, and hunting.Quick packs include running and camping.There is no universally applicable definition of what is and isn't camping.Like a motel that serves both leisure and business guests, the same campground can serve recreational campers,school field trips, migrant workers, and the homeless.Fundamentally, it reflects a combination of intent and the nature of the activity involved. A children's summer camp that offers canteen meals and dormitory housing may have "camp" in its name, but fails to embody the spirit and form of "camping" as it is broadly understood.Likewise, the homeless lifestyle may involve many common camping activities, such as sleeping outside and preparing meals over a fire, but fails to reflect the selective and spiritual pursuit that is an integral aspect of camping .Likewise, cultures with nomadic lifestyles or lack of fixed abode cannot be said to be "camping" because that is considered their way of life.

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