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Cheap Folding PVC Rainwater Collection Barrel 66 Gallon Rain Bucket 250 Liter Made In China

RAINBOW MADE folding PVC barrel can collection rainwater.Here are some ideas for specific uses of rainwater:
1.Wash your vehicles
2.Wash your pets
3.Refill your swimming pool
4.Hand water your lawn and garden
5.Refill your fountains and fish ponds
6.Connect rainwater with garden sprinkler system
  • KSD-010
  • Keystar

PVC rain barrel description

Simply place RAINBOW folding PVC rainwater collection barrels under your downspout, your water bill drops from now on.We supply one solution through collecting the rainwater and turning it into garden water.Made from flexible PVC material and anti-corrosion PVC mesh fabric. It is designed for temporary or long-term usage even in the cold winter time. Unlike traditional barrels, this barrel is crack-free and more durable.

Rain barrel specificaitions

1.Material:1000D PVC tarpaulin & PVC support rod

2.Capacity:66 gallon / 250 liter

3.Dimensions: (23.6 x 34.6)" / (60 x 88)cm (Dia. x H)

4.Color:drak green,black,white,tan

5.Weight:6.61 lbs /3.0 kg

6.Packing:88 x 14 x 14 cm

Purchase rain barrel package includes

1 x 1000D PVC mesh cloth

6 x PVC support rods

1 x ABS outlet valves

1 x 3/4" water-tap

Folding PVC rainwater collecting barrels 66 gallon

Collecting rainwater in barrels sizes & capacities

Capacity     (L=liter)Size                   (cm)Supporting Rod       (pcs)inner box       (cm)Carton size     (cm)Q'ty/ctn.     (pcs)N.W./ctn.     (kgs)G.W./ctn.    (kgs)
50LØ40 x H50550x12x1263x26x52101112
100LØ40 x H78578x12x1280x26x3861213
160LØ50 x H88588x12x1290x26x3861516
200LØ60 x H70670x14x1470x30x4461314
225LØ60 x H80679x14x1480x30x4461415
250LØ60 x H88688x14x1490x30x4461718
380LØ70 x H98798x14x14100x30x4462122
500LØ80 x H98898x16x16100x34x3441920
750LØ100 x H981098x18x18100x38x3842325
1000LØ120 x H881288x18x1890x38x20213.414.2
1250LØ120 x H11012110x18x18112x38x20214.416.2
1350LØ120 x H12012120x18x18122x38x20217.318.2

Pretty rain barrels feature

1.Self-supporting—locate any palce.Stable on slopes up to 10 degrees.

2.Zip top opens wide for filling a bucket or watering can

3.Attractive landscape green infused color

4.Attach to garden hose or to flex-pipe.

5.Not crack when frozen—flexible to -40F.



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