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Why Water Storage Bladder Is So Important in Daily Life

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Water bladders are commonly used to store and transport drinking water and other liquids like fuel gas and it can also be used as agricultural drought-resistant collection of rainwater. After measuring the liquid material and powder of the water bladder, it is placed in a different container and packaged to become a product. The used new water bladder should be recycled in time for further use. After the new bag is emptied, screw the valves into the port.

Advantages of Collapsible Water bladders

The transportation capacity is higher. It can replace the traditional tank box, only need to pay the one-way transportation cost, no need to arrange the empty container and cleaning process, which greatly reduces the cost of loading and unloading, packaging machine material management, especially easy to fold, not loaded Use a car to save on shipping costs.

Why water storage bags can be used to store water ?

Because many polymer materials can form a complete continuous film after drying. There is always a certain gap between the molecules and the molecules of the solid polymer film, and the width is about several nanometers. It can be said that one water molecule can pass completely, but natural water is usually in an associative state. Due to the hydrogen bond, ten water molecules form a large molecular group, and it is actually difficult to pass through the gap of the macromolecule. This is the main reason why the rubber water cap film has a water retaining function.

1. The water storage bag manufacturer carries out public emergency rescue, fire fighting and lifesaving;

2. Oil storage and transportation (oil tank);

3. Collect rainwater;

4. Storage and transportation of drinking water and other bulk liquids;

5, beverage storage, transportation (pockets) and so on.

water storage bags

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