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Why should we collect rainwater?

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Why should we collect rainwater?

Due to the rapid development of urbanization, the impervious area of roads and buildings has expanded. On the one hand, rainwater can no longer infiltrate underground to replenish groundwater, and the groundwater is seriously over-exploited, which makes the water environment and ecological environment around the city worse. On the other hand, in heavy rain, runoff quickly gathers to cause land area water and local urban flooding. Urban water shortages, water environment deterioration, ecological environment damage and urban storms and floods have become increasingly prominent.

If in the construction of the city, pay attention to the development of rainwater harvesting and utilization projects, and leave the original rainwater to be used, it not only increases water resources, but also is a good measure to save tap water. At the same time, through the extensive development of rainwater harvesting and utilization, the rainwater is retained or re-infiltrated underground, reducing the displacement and reducing the threat of urban flooding. Therefore, the groundwater can be replenished, the water environment can be improved, and the ecological environment can be restored. It can be said that rainwater harvesting and utilization is one of the important measures for the sustainable use of urban water resources.

How to collect rainwater?

 1. Underground rainwater pools are used to collect rainwater from roofs, courtyards and floors. The collected rainwater is mainly used for flushing, car washing, greening water, landscape water or fire water. The structure of the rainwater pool is mainly reinforced concrete, and is equipped with devices for removing initial rainwater, filtration, sedimentation tanks and the like. The volume scale can be between 1 cubic meter and 100 cubic meters. Such a rainwater pool also needs to collect and transport the system. Therefore, the technical requirements are high and the investment is large, and it needs to be included in the construction plan or financing construction. Applicable to the institution's compound, the family unit of the enterprise unit, the residential area of the street and various development zones.

2. The water storage tanks, water storage barrels, collapsible tanks are used to collect roof rainwater. The collected rainwater is mainly used for garden sprinkling, watering flowers and plants, and saving tap water. The storage tanks are mainly iron drums, plastic tanks and other containers, and the volume is generally less than 1 cubic meter. Depending on the use of the water, it may be considered to install or not install an initial rainwater remover. The rain storage device can be directly connected to the rain drop pipe, and is simple to manufacture, and is suitable for use in a general residential building, a bungalow or a quadrangle.

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