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Why need soak seeds before planting?

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Soaking seeds is a process of agricultural planting.

water container for soaking seeds

Farmers often put water firstly,then put seed intowater container for soaking seeds,here we tell you new style of collapsible water container to soak seeds.  

Soaking seeds refers to the need for seed soaking prior to sowing for seeds that are slow to germinate. The purpose of soaking seeds is to promote early germination of the seeds and to kill some eggs and viruses.

requirements of different seed soaking are not the same, such as soaking seeds of vegetables,we need soak the seeds in 55 to 60 degrees hot and cold water for 10 to 15 minutes, then reduce the water temperature to 30 degrees, and continue to soak seeds for 2 to 6 hours.

collapsible water container to soak seeds

The purpose of soaking seeds is to make the seed valleys absorb water more quickly and achieve normal germination. Dry seed moisture content is usually below 15%, physiological activity is very weak and dormant. the seed coat expands and softens after the seed absorbs water. The oxygen dissolved in the water enters the cell with the moisture and the enzyme in the seed also begins to activate. the respiration of the embryos is enhanced due to the action of enzymes,and insoluble substances stored in the endosperm are also gradually converted into soluble substances and transported to the embryos with the moisture. Embryos gain moisture, energy, and nutrients. Under the right temperature and oxygen conditions, cells begin to split and elongate, breaking through the germination.It can be seen that in order to germinate the seed, it must first be made to absorb enough water. However, seeds do not have water to germinate, and they must absorb at least 15-18% of their own weight to begin germination. When the water absorption reaches 40% of its own weight, it can germinate normally.


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