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Why are PVC sports flooring so popular ?

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Features Of PVC Sports Flooring

1. Stability

PVC sports flooring is added with fiberglass reinforcement mesh and special fabric fiber reinforcement layer mesh to ensure the dimensional stability and firmness of the PVC sports flooring while people moving

2. The firmness

The bottom surface of the foam layer of PVC sports floor is textured, and the reasonable weight can be combined with the artificial rolling ground to discharge the air between the floor and the ground to form a relative vacuum state, which is more attractive and more suitable during exercise.

3. Comfort

The surface of PVC sports flooring is specially treated to match the brightness of the light, and it will not absorb light and reflect glare. It can better protect the athlete's eyes and is not easy to produce fatigue. The thickness of the flooring is suitable for the corresponding exercise intensity and the buffer layer design for proper foaming treatment. It has excellent sports comfort and rebound power support. The sports injury is better avoided

4. Durability

PVC sports flooring is made of 100% pure PVC high-quality materials. The surface is treated with special high environmental protection high-tech materials technology, which has the best durability and wear resistance and guarantees the service life.

5. Easy maintenance

The surface layer of PVC sports floor, especially the surface layer added with special high-tech PUR treatment surface has the ability to eliminate external pollution, such as surface contamination, brush with clean mop and water. The key dirt can be cleaned with a neutral detergent.

6. Excellent noise reduction effect (lower 25db/28db)

Coupled with suitable resilience and reasonable shock absorption, PVC sports flooring has the function of sound absorption in motion and good sound insulation.

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7. PVC sports flooring are used in a variety of places, and you can customize as your need..

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