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Why Are Inflatable Pools Getting So Popular?

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At present, more and more country have insufficient water supply and many of them are seriously deprived of water. Among the megacities with more than 32 million people in our country, 30 have long been plagued by water shortages. Among the 46 key cities of our country, 45.6% are poor water quality, and 9 of the 14 coastal open cities are seriously deficient in water. The problem of solving the summer entertainment and leisure of the citizens highlights that the water shortage in Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao and Dalian is the most serious. With the global warming, more and more extreme weather breaks through 40°C in summer, and high-temperature warnings are frequently issued in various places. 

Besides, with the rapid development of urban construction, land prices are rising day by day, and there are fewer places for citizens to rest and play. . For seasonal playgrounds, the requirements for higher requirements, the construction of a swimming pool must invest more than a million dollars, the construction of a swimming-oriented theme park investment of more than tens of millions, and the face of busy quarterly management, three seasons of maintenance.

The emergence of the mobile inflatable swimming pool has solved the above problems. An inflatable swimming pool can only solve the summer water demand by only a few thousand dollars. Especially these inflatable swimming pools can be combined with anime elements in the form of anime water world paradise. appear.

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