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Wholesale PVC Animal Drinking Water Bladder Water Livestock Tank Cattle Drinking Water 

NAME: Animal Drinking Water Bladder Tanks, PVC water bladder tank 
Capacity: Range from 600L to 22500L 
MATERIAL: PVC tarpaulin 
COLOR: Grey 
USAGE: Animal drinking water storage, rainwater collection, irrigation water storage, temporary house water storage 
  • KSD-020
  • Keystar

Cattle drinking tank description 

The Animal Drinking Water Bladder Tanks are designed for water storage operations in remote locations like desert and rural construction sites, emergency situations. They are made of PVC tarpaulin with two hoses on the top of the water tank, galvanized D-rings on each side and hard plastic tube 50cm with one PVC single union ball valve 2.0inch at the end of the hose.

With the advantage of light weight, easy to operate, convenient for transportation, these flexible collapsible water bladders are currently used mainly in Middle East market with good reputation.

Drinking water tank for cows specification

No.   Size(m)Volume(Liter)No.Size(m)Volume(Liter)
11.0x1.2x0.5      600112.0x2.0x0.75      3000
21.0x1.7x0.5      700122.0x3.0x0.75      4000
31.0x1.8x0.5      900132.0x4.0x0.75      6000
41.0x2.0x0.5      1000142.0x5.0x0.75      7500
51.0x2.5x0.5      1250152.0x6.0x0.75      9000
61.3x1.4x0.75      1365162.0x7.0x0.75      10500
71.5x2.0x0.5      1500172.0x8.0x0.75      12000
81.4x1.5x0.75      1575182.0x10.0x0.75      15000
92.0x2.0x0.5      2000192.0x12.0x0.75     18000
102.0x3.0x0.5     3000202.0x15.0x0.75     22500

Water livestock tank features 

The Animal Drinking Water Bladder Tanks are widely range in many series of sizes and you can also customize according to your requirement

1.Easy to store – folds down, and easy to transport.

2.RF welded seams for longer lifespan

3.Fills and empties in minutes by pump or gravity flow

4.Easily handled by one person

In ground water tank applications

The Animal Drinking Water Bladder Tanks can also be used in many fields for water storage as follow.

1.Fire Fighting – Emergency water storage situation

2.Construction sites – Used in remote construction projects to store water

3.Storing water for feeding livestock, animals

4.Mixing fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides

5.For house, backyard, parks and nurseries

These animal drinking water bladder tanks and other pvc water bladder tanks are ideal for water storage and water supply in remote dessert and rural areas. With more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying water bladder tanks, we hope our products to help more people solving the water storage problems.

Need more information on our bladder tank? Please feel free to call us at 86-29-88369398/13201555591 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.



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